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Every week, Rag-NERD-rok brings you a new Actual Play, with occasional episodes dedicated to discussion, diversion, and geekery in general. We play many different tabletop RPGs, from Eclipse Phase to Fiasco, from Call of Cthulhu to New World of Darkness--and we're trying new systems all the time! For more information about our ongoing campaigns, be sure to check out our website, www.ragnerdrok.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @ragnerdrok, or even “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to email us at info@ragnerdrok.com.


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Fate Core –“Amerinomicon 16: Bloodhounds, Pt. 1”

This week, the group stops to get some food at a local diner. And absolutely nothing bad or otherworldly happens.  Except for an old friend coming to visit. Multiple times. Also, we hope everyone is staying safe and sane out there.



Mothership –“The Haunting of Ypsilon 14”

Join us for our first-ever game of Mothership!  The crew of a small transport vessel are caught by surprise when the asteroid mining facility they’ve docked at reports some strange trouble. A scientist showed up recently,



Savage Worlds: Deadlands –“Dueling Gods Path 15: Ghost Town, Pt. 2”

The posse has identified the problem in town. Now it’s just a matter of fixing it. But how do you make a bunch of dead people realize they ain’t supposed to be walking around no more? And, seriously, what’s up with that sphere?



Fate Core –“Amerinomicon 15: The Color of Fear, Pt. 2”

The evil has revealed itself, and now the group must survive.  Can they get what they need from this town before they are overrun? And what about the children they found?  Who will survive this horrible place? Listen to find out!



Savage Worlds: Deadlands –“Dueling Gods Path 14: Ghost Town, Pt. 1”

The posse from The Government rides into a small town, where everyone seems pretty happy. Like they don’t know about the terrible fate that’s about to befall them. Or maybe it already has? And then there’s the crater outside of town that no one seems t...



Fate Core –“Amerinomicon 14: The Color of Fear, Pt. 1”

In this week’s episode, the gang runs out of gas near a foreboding abandoned town. It should be an easy matter of getting the truck down to the gas station to fill the tank, but something seems amiss. The deserted streets are haunted by some unknowable...


 2020-02-26  1h48m

Fiasco –“The Truth About Robots”

In the perfect world run by Lord Omnipitor, everything is perfect. Nobody wants for anything. There are no mutants living in caves outside of the city, and there is definitely not a serial killer on the loose.


 2020-02-19  1h55m

Savage Worlds: Deadlands –“Dueling Gods Path 13: City of Gloom, Pt. 2”

The group follows up on the leads they got from the (good?) doctor and head out of town to find those who stand against the City of Gloom. But once they’re there, the group finds more than they bargained for.


 2020-02-12  1h41m

Fate Core –“Amerinomicon 13: What Dreams May Come, Pt. 2”

Transported to the Dreamlands, the group has to try to make their way through a strange and alien city to recover the dream rocks they need.  But such rare items are not easily come by, and outsiders can make quite a splash in a city like this.


 2020-02-05  2h20m

Savage Worlds: Deadlands –“Dueling Gods Path 12: City of Gloom, Pt. 1”

This week, the crew makes it to the City of gloom — an industrial hub shrouded by smog. The leader of this city has a unique problem he needs help with. His people are…too happy and polite. Determined to rectify the situation,


 2020-01-29  1h25m