The Danger Club Podcast

Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, six British actors set out on an epic adventure through the world of Pathfinder!

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Lockdown Legends 8 - The Joy Of Sax (Gamemastery Guide)

Sleep deprivation sets in during our first late night recording session and Danger Club Nights is born! Beelzeboob and his level 0 friends are within touching distance of Beldrin's Tower and a route to safety. All that stands in their way is a giant mush...



Lockdown Legends 7 - Die Me A River (Gamemastery Guide)

Beelzeboob and his band of level 0 characters face the toughest test of their adventure so far as they enter the Arboretum Arcanis! Before they can proceed further they'll need to cross a raging torrent of water with only a rope, a crossbow and a lot of ...



Lockdown Legends 6 - Throwing Shade (Live From Paizocon)

In the second of our live episodes from this year's Paizocon Online, Beelzeboob and his band of level 0 characters try to navigate the haunted classrooms of the Academy now know as The Drownyard. If they want to make it out alive then they'll have to bat...



Lockdown Legends 5 - Level Zero To Level Hero (Live From Paizocon)

We kick off a brand new Lockdown Legends story and we do it LIVE from Paizocon 2020! Join us as Beelzeboob tries to clear out the deadly Precipice Quarter of Absalom with the help of a revolving cast of level 0 characters. Things are going to get messy! ...



Lockdown Legends 4 - Dog Days Are Over (Unforgiving Fire)

Woof, Wind, Ald, Fire face down the other gladiators over who gets to keep the trophy. Afterwards Velder is faced with an important decision; Should he stay? Or should he leave? Follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord! Musi...


 2020-06-01  1h34m

Lockdown Legends 3 - The Lolly Problem (Unforgiving Fire)

Having dealt with the owl emergency Velder, Basco, Rory and Felix head to the rival gladiator school and attempt to ingratiate themselves with the instructor. Follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord! Music thanks to: Kevin ...


 2020-05-25  1h5m

Lockdown Legends 2 - Glad He Ate Her (Unforgiving Fire)

After Basco enjoys a feast that could spell disaster, Velder and his friends must embark on a new quest to stop feathers from flying! Follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord! Music thanks to: Kevin Macleod, Night Raptor, Mi...


 2020-05-18  1h1m

Lockdown Legends 1 - Les Wizérables (Unforgiving Fire)

The lockdown may have stopped us getting to the studio but that doesn't stop us bringing out episodes! In preparation for Episode 100 we're going back in time to tell the origin story of one of your favourite Danger Club members! In a gladiator school ou...


 2020-05-11  59m

Episode 99 - Danger Clubbing (Pathfinder 2e)

The Road to 100 is almost up and The Club celebrate by hitting up Absalom's club scene. We learn some things about Velder and Beelzeboob has a concerning encounter. Then things get really weird... Follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTub...


 2020-05-04  1h10m

Shore Of Dreams Part 6 (D&D 5e)

In the final part of our D&D special, the band uncover an ancient treasure which threatens to break them up for good! If enjoyed this then give us a subscribe for more adventures every Monday. You can also Follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagra...


 2020-04-29  58m