Perilous Realm: A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Podcast

An Actual Play Podcast for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, playing both 4th Edition online via FoundryVTT (the Ubersreik Adventures) and our physical game in 2nd Edition (the Thousand Thrones campaign). The Ubersreik Adventures: Ubersreik ’s streets run red with the blood of Reikland. Corpses of good, stout-hearted folk hang from the walls. Our heroes must navigate this powder-keg melting pot. The Thousand Thrones: In a dark bloody age of daemons and of sorcery a new champion must be found. Will our protagonists aid him in these formative steps, or usher in the Age of the Thousand Thrones?

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h10m. Bisher sind 32 Folge(n) erschienen. .

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 5 hours 28 minutes


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episode 1: The Enemy Within - Shadows Over Averheim

This is a short teaser for my current Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition campaign, The Enemy Within: Shadows Over Averheim.

Surely you mean Shadows Over Bogenhafen you mad fool?

The Enemy Within is a classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign...


 October 30, 2021  0m

Heart of Glass Part 1 - A Death in the Watch

Freshly liberated from Spittlefeld our heroes are recruited into a game of intrigue, seemingly tasked with investigating a murder without any reasonable chance of success. Will they succeed, or is a fast boat to Tilea their best option?


 April 23, 2021  1h43m

Slaughter in Spittlefeld Part 3 - The Only Way Is Down!

Having retrieved the doctor's journal the Ubersreik trio descend into the maze-like lower levels of Spittlefeld to seek their quarry. Will the promise of treasure sway our heroes in their search for the architect of their imprisonment?


 November 1, 2020  1h48m

episode 9: Slaughter in Spittlefeld Part 2 - Locked Inside Together

Betrayed by Sergeant Rudi Klumpenklug, the Ubersreik trio are sealed in the plague-addled tenement of Spittlefeld with some of the more colourful characters in Ubersreik. Can they navigate the animosities between a pair dwarf brothers and an elven hermit?

Apologies to the good people of Glasgow.


 September 17, 2020  1h18m

episode 9: Slaughter in Spittlefeld Part 1 - Rudi's Revenge

They had completed their mission, and earned release from the Ubersreik Watch. Or so they thought. Now their commanding officer, Rudi Klumpenklug has learned about their efforts to get free of his grip and is not happy. He sets them on a triple patrol, reminding them that it is an offence for any watchman to fall asleep on patrol. Is this the extent of his plan?


 September 8, 2020  1h4m

Making the Rounds Part 5 - The Warden and the Prisoner

The trio must escort a condemned prisoner to his execution at Morr's Field. Is there more to this? Can their employer guarantee they will be released from the Watch?


 August 18, 2020  1h56m

episode 7: Making the Rounds Part 4 - A Secure Deal

A panicked merchant recruits the Ubersreik Trio to look into a shady deal in the Dawihafen. Rudi continues to make their life difficult.


 July 23, 2020  2h7m

episode 7: Making the Rounds Part 3 - Terror in the Teufel

Disappearances run rife amongst the docks of Ubersreik, and only Marina seems to be interested in investigating these initially. Their search will take the Ubersreik Trio beneath the dwarven bridge that spans the Teufel. 


 July 16, 2020  2h10m

episode 6: Making the Rounds Part 2 - Learning the Ropes

Pressed into service with the Ubersreik Watch, our three heroes each react differently to their new duties.


 July 6, 2020  1h57m

episode 5: Making the Rounds Part 1 - Law and Order

The Ubersreik Trio are back in town, shopping for cloaks and weapons in the Marktplatz. Under the shadow of Magnus the Pious's watchful gaze the trio will face their first brush with the new law in Ubersreik. Will a sinister force high in society frame our heroes for a crime they did not commit, or will they be framed for a crime they actually did commit?

This is our run of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Starter Set adventure. Played using FoundryVTT.


 June 24, 2020  2h10m