Campaign: Skyjacks

Campaign is long-form actual play podcast. Our current series Campaign: Skyjacks takes place in an original setting inspired by folktales and classic adventure fiction. Join Liz Anderson, John Patrick Coan, Tyler Davis, Johnny O’Mara, and gamemaster James D’Amato as they tell a tale of daring sky pirates. … Also it’s basically an elaborate re-telling of Weekend at Bernie’s.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h1m. Bisher sind 260 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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episode 197: Skyjacks: Episode 92

After a night of celebration and some heartache exploring, the crew of The Uhuru wake to greet the arrival of The Tempest Armada. The Bandit Queen and a small fleet of her most trusted generals have arrived, prepared to finish the deal struck at The Broker's Table in Bura Nyth. It should be an easy deal, but will the history between Captain Orimar and Sifa get in the way?



episode 196: Skyjacks: Episode 91

Travis and Jolly Jack go to The Well and try to outmatch one another in a game of secrets and honesty. Even for his companions, Travis' history with Jack is shrouded in mystery. Margeret senses a wound in Jack's heart shrouded in layers of artifice. Can Travis draw it from the well?



episode 195: Skyjacks: Episode 90

The captain's council is thrown into confusion after Travis dramatically threatens Jolly Jack, a seemingly affable visitor to the city of N'Goni. Still, they seem determined to back his play. Thankfully Margaret is around to keep things from getting too bloody and nudge the council back on track.



Skyjacks: A Sweet Lily Braves the River

Under the Spring storms of the hollow valley, a Lily is pulled from worship. A Skyjacks short story written and read by James D'Amato for the Worldbuilders End or Year drive.



episode 89: Skyjacks: Episode 89

After a few short weeks of travel, The Uhuru arrives at the city of N'Goni. OR at least where the city should be. However, they are having a little trouble finding where to land. Once they arrive they encounter a mysterious stranger while awaiting The Bandit Queen.


 2020-12-16  1h17m

episode 194: Skyjacks: Episode 88

Gable, Travis, and Jonnit try to process what Dref told them as Margaret delicately tries to teach two immortals how to deal with emotions like a well-adjusted person. They discover Dref's shelf is full of secrets that were waiting to be discovered. Some buried for nearly a century.


 2020-12-09  1h10m

episode 87: Skyjacks: Episode 87

The crew holds a seance to commune with the spirit of their departed friend. He is not the same man he was in death that he was in life, but there is still much they have to tell him. They intend to learn more about the captain, but they discover unexpected danger.


 2020-12-02  1h2m

episode 193: Skyjacks: Episode 86

Margaret arrives to council our heroes on how to navigate the tricky social faux pas of using necromancy on a man's body to pretend he is alive while he happens to be haunting that body. We've all been there. Together they decide it might be wise to get some help and Travis thinks of the perfect person to do it.


 2020-11-18  57m

episode 85: Skyjacks: Episode 85

The crew reacts to Gable's story in the Grandfire. Before they get too much time to process, Jane takes the stage and tells a story about Rusalka that a stranger told her in a bar. Then Travis is compelled to enter the fire and gets compelled to do something he only very recently has grown accustomed to: tell the truth. That obviously causes trouble and our heroes are forced to hide in Dref's office.


 2020-11-11  1h6m

Skyjacks: Behind the Sails: Worldbuilding Nordia

We gave Casey the week off because the last two days have been A LOT. In place of an episode, we're bringing Patreon content to the main feed. This is the worldbuilding session zero that created Nordia! We also thew in James' thoughts on the Nordia arc and answered listener questions.


 2020-11-05  1h29m