Campaign: Skyjacks

Campaign is long-form actual play podcast. Our current series Campaign: Skyjacks takes place in an original setting inspired by folktales and classic adventure fiction. Join Liz Anderson, John Patrick Coan, Tyler Davis, Johnny O’Mara, and gamemaster James D’Amato as they tell a tale of daring sky pirates. … Also it’s basically an elaborate re-telling of Weekend at Bernie’s.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h4m. Bisher sind 432 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 19 days 8 hours 18 minutes


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episode 223: Skyjacks: Episode 223

Jonnit and Bayless find themselves in a village of the Ralé people. Thanks to Jonnit's tattoos, they are being treated as though they are diplomats, but they have to overcome a language barrier in order to be understood. With people dead and tensions high, they will have to think of something quick.



episode 222: Skyjacks: Episode 222

Jonnit and Bayless find themselves in a very tense situation, surrounded by armed people who don't speak their language. Despite Bayless being from the area, Jonnit finds his expertise somewhat lacking. Thankfully, as fate would have it, Jonnit has all the tools he needs to de-escalate the situation.



episode 221: Skyjacks: Episode 221

Jonnit tries to prepare Bayless for what could be a very tense situation. Orimar tries to bite back the rising tide of killing intent after his meeting with Truss. However, his anger burns attracting unwanted attention. He soon finds himself face-to-face with The Butcher.



episode 220: Skyjacks: Episode 220

Jonnit and Bayless try to follow Arielle's trail to one of the collection sites at the edge of Red Feather Territory. They find a chaotic scene as workers are already gathered reacting to the disappearance of someone else. While Jonnit worries about The Butcher, the workers worry about the Ralé people.


 April 24, 2024  1h0m

episode 219: Skyjacks: Episode 219

In an effort to secure some extremely sensitive information from The Reference Desk, Gable offers an extremely sensitive story of their own. Jonnit realizes he has to duck out of the mission to infiltrate the pigment factory, leaving Carlos to invite Carmen for one of their classic adventures. However, there are unintended consequences...


 April 17, 2024  1h4m

episode 218: Skyjacks: Episode 218

Jonnit Kessler decides to use his eye to track down latent killing intent within Sorrow's End in hopes of finding likely targets for The Butcher. His search leads him back to the Bar where he meets Bayless Gell, a debtor who is very concerned for Arielle.


 April 10, 2024  55m

episode 217: Skyjacks: Episode 217

Orimar and Jonnit put on a tremendous show of Silly Buggers to lull Edith Truss into a false sense of safety. Once Jonnit leaves the room Truss entrusts Orimar with her monstrous plans to influence the Red Feather syndicate into somehow becoming worse. The captain must suppress his murderous rage in order to stay disguised.


 April 3, 2024  1h1m

episode 216: Skyjacks: Episode 216

Gable visits the Reference Desk and tries to gather essential information for the Uhuru. They need to balance their hunger for information with the ship's budget. Orimar and Jonnit begin to meet with Truss, putting a great deal of effort into keeping up their charade of being a father-and-son pair of loathsome socialites.


 March 27, 2024  1h1m

Skyjacks: Episode 215

Jonnit, Gable, and Orimar plan their next moves.


 March 20, 2024  55m

episode 214: Skyjacks: Episode 214

Orimar, Gable, Jonnit, and the crew finalize their ideas of how to insinuate a revolution in the factory town of Sorrow's End while hopefully accomplishing their remaining goals there...


 March 6, 2024  50m