Can He Do That?

“Can He Do That?” is The Washington Post’s politics podcast, exploring the powers and limitations of the American presidency, and what happens when they're tested. Led by host Allison Michaels, each episode asks a new question about this extraordinary moment in American history and answers with insight into how our government works, how to understand ongoing events, and the implications when branches of government collide.

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Trump’s lame-duck agenda: Lessons from history and warnings for coronavirus

Are Trump's major moves during a lame-duck period unprecedented? Professor Jeremi Suri offers an example from history with lessons for today. Plus, reporter Yasmeen Abutaleb on the implications of Trump's approach to the virus for Biden's incoming team.



Does Trump’s refusal to concede put national security at risk?

Experts are concerned that the president's unwillingness to start a transition threatens our country’s safety by denying President-elect Joe Biden resources and intelligence. Shane Harris explains the risks when a president blocks a smooth transition.



What do Trump’s legal threats actually accomplish?

The Trump campaign’s legal team has launched a legal blitz. What do these moves do? Will the suits stop vote counting or overturn results? Election law expert Edward Foley explains how the Trump team's fight in the courts could shape the final outcome.



Trump and the economy: The administration’s biggest victories also exacerbated our divides

As a businessman candidate Donald Trump said that he was the only one who could deliver major gains for U.S. workers. The stock market and the wealthiest Americans have seen gains during his administration but at a cost — ever-growing wealth inequalities.



Trump and science: An erosion of our institutions, in public and behind the scenes

Through his administration’s efforts to weaken agencies, control the flow of information coming out of government and shutter scientific programs, we explore how President Trump has increased divisions in our willingness to accept science-based guidance.



Trump and race: How the president’s rhetoric and policies divided us

President Trump has been surrounded by controversies over his rhetoric when it comes to race. Some hoped he would moderate his tone in office, but four years later, the president has inflamed racial tensions more — through both rhetoric and policy.



How 2020 races across the country lay the groundwork for a president’s influence

Races across the country -- from the U.S. Senate to state houses -- will have implications for the future of our electoral landscape and matter for the power of the next president. Reporter Dave Weigel on the 2020 races you should be watching.


 2020-10-23  17m

The 2020 election is facing big challenges. Which ones matter most?

Which election-related legal battles are likely to have the biggest impacts? What new voting issues might emerge as Election Day gets closer? Reporter Amy Gardner on her coverage of our electoral system and the tests it faces in 2020.


 2020-10-16  21m

A week after we learned of Trump’s covid-19 diagnosis, why don’t we know more?

Recent events raised questions about what happens if a president can’t consent to transfer power. Reporter David Nakamura discusses practices around the president's health and safety and law professor Brian Kalt explains how the 25th Amendment works.


 2020-10-09  28m

What happens if Trump refuses to accept a loss?

What potential constitutional chaos may we face as a nation after Election Day? What legal and institutional mechanisms can stop American presidents from wrongfully holding onto power? Lawrence Douglas, law professor at Amherst College, explains.


 2020-10-02  20m