Can He Do That?

“Can He Do That?” is The Washington Post’s politics podcast, exploring the powers and limitations of the American presidency, and what happens when they're tested. Led by host Allison Michaels, each episode asks a new question about this extraordinary moment in American history and answers with insight into how our government works, how to understand ongoing events, and the implications when branches of government collide.

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Trump’s response to unrest raises concerns among those trained to detect democratic regression

The administration's response to civil unrest presents major questions about the president’s approach to power. Can Trump use tactics at home that the U.S. condemns abroad? What are the risks of politicizing the military? Reporter Greg Miller explains.



Trump threatened military action to quell protests. Can he do that?

Does the president have the power to deploy the military inside the U.S. against the will of state leaders? Reporter Matt Zapotosky answers critical questions about the president's threat to use the military to contain protests on American soil.



Public health partisanship confronts a new reality: The virus is surging in rural America

Many counties in rural America face vulnerabilities, as Covid-19 surges across areas that were once spared, reporter Abigail Hauslohner explains. Reporter Aaron Blake weighs in on what this shift means for the president, partisanship and public health.



How Trump is leveraging the presidency to campaign against Biden

With an election just six months away, is Trump leveraging his visibility as president? What powers does Trump have to resume rallies? Reporters Sean Sullivan and Toluse Olorunnipa discuss how the campaigns are handling an unprecedented election year.



Politics, pressure and pleas: The twisting case of Michael Flynn and the Justice Department

Michael Flynn's legal battle brings the Justice Department into uncharted territory, with boundaries between the department and the president newly tested. National security reporter Devlin Barrett unpacks the latest in this ongoing story.



The president’s desperate push to reopen America

White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker offers an inside look at President Trump's late-March decision to extend social distancing guidelines, and his soon-after pivot to strongly push for a quick economic revival and reopening of the United States.



The Postal Service is in dire need. Trump wants to block the loan that could save them.

Will the Postal Service survive? Reporter Jacob Bogage details Trump’s desire to withhold a loan from the agency, and elections administration expert Amber McReynolds discusses the challenges of an election likely to rely more than ever on vote by mail.


 2020-04-30  36m

The U.S. is spending trillions to save the economy. Where does all that money come from?

Which economic levers can Congress and the Federal Reserve control? Plus, what it all means for pumping money into the economy, accruing national debt, and the potential for rising inflation, with reporter Erica Werner and editor Damian Paletta.


 2020-04-23  29m

Freezing funding, adjourning Congress, and urging states to reopen. Where are the limits on Trump’s

Three moments from this week illustrate a president attempts to increase power and limit the checks on his authority. We unpack those efforts with reporter Emily Rauhala and insight from Claire Finkelstein, law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.


 2020-04-17  30m

A president’s push for an unproven cure

What are the risks when clinical trials move quickly? Do they outweigh the benefits? Dr. Mark Gladwin of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center weighs in. Plus, Robert Costa on the president’s actions, as Americans are desperate for a cure.


 2020-04-10  32m