Can He Do That?

Donald Trump’s historic presidency is unlike any other that’s come before it. From a record-setting staff turnover rate to unpredictable policy decisions to an ongoing investigation into his campaign, each episode of this podcast focuses on one aspect of Trump’s time in the White House that raises the question: "Can He Do That?" Led by interim host Martine Powers, the podcast features Washington Post reporters and experts to illuminate the ways Donald Trump can reshape the presidency. And what that means for the United States and the rest of the world.



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      What to expect in Year Two of the Mueller investigation

      One year into the Mueller investigation, we ask: What happens next? And what if President Trump is right, and this all turns out to be nothing?



      The president is backing out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Will ‘the Trump Doctrine’ work?

      President Trump’s decision could unilaterally kill the landmark agreement — and his unconventional foreign policy approach could have widespread repercussions.



      Midterms and Trump: What to look for as we enter primary season

      What does the state of the midterm season say about President Trump, and his effect on the political landscape of the country?



      Will Trump get Americans off of welfare?

      Recent Trump executive actions are part of an effort to curb the number of people who rely on the government-funded "social safety net." How will these new restrictions affect low-income Americans?



      Will courts let the Trump administration put a citizenship question on the Census?

      The Trump Administration wants to ask people about their citizenship status on the 2020 Census. Why are Democrats fighting this?


       2018-04-21  37m

      Special episode: Trump’s lawyer got raided by the FBI. Now what will Trump do?

      This week, we talk with reporter Matt Zapotosky about the FBI raid on attorney Michael Cohen — and potential implications for President Trump and the future of Robert Mueller's investigation.


       2018-04-12  24m

      Will Trump change how America pays for its infrastructure?

      So far, there's no $1.5 trillion infrastructure package. But Trump is still having a significant effect on how America funds and prioritizes its most significant transportation projects.


       2018-04-07  30m

      Will Trump change America's relationship with internet privacy?

      Confused about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and how it relates to President Trump? You're not alone. Reporter Tony Romm and internet privacy expert Daniel Kreiss take us on a deep dive.


       2018-03-31  28m

      When will Trump stop firing people and settle on his ‘A-team’?

      The firings, resignations, and ousters in the White House have reached a crescendo. What does that say about Trump – as a manager, as a policy-maker, and as a public persona?


       2018-03-24  25m

      Will Trump convince Kim Jong-Un to give up nuclear weapons?

      President Trump says he will sit down with North Korea and negotiate a deal on nuclear disarmament. On this week’s episode of “Can He Do That,” we talk to someone who’s tried that before.


       2018-03-17  32m