Can He Do That?

“Can He Do That?” is The Washington Post’s politics podcast, exploring the powers and limitations of the American presidency, and what happens when they're tested. Led by host Allison Michaels, each episode asks a new question about this extraordinary moment in American history and answers with insight into how our government works, how to understand ongoing events, and the implications when branches of government collide.

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Is the federal government to blame for wildfires gone out of control?

Reporter Seung Min Kim on how Trump’s refusal to acknowledge human-caused climate change affects the country’s wildfire management and response plans. Plus, environmental analysis professor Char Miller on who's really responsible for fire mitigation.



The Justice Dept. intervenes on behalf of Trump in defamation case. What happens next?

In this segment from "Post Reports," Matt Zapatosky talks about how the Justice Department on Tuesday intervened in the defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who says President Trump raped her years ago.



Two different stories of American unrest

How much do these two starkly different Kenosha, Wis., narratives reflect the divisions in our country? How much are they responsible for stoking those divisions? are there any checks on what the U.S. president can say? Reporter Ashley Parker explains.



Trump suggested sending law enforcement to the polls. Can he do that?

Historically, Republicans have used similar tactics to scare people of color away from the polls. Election law expert Rick Hasen and reporter Rosalind Helderman explain what the RNC is planning for Election Day and how today’s laws apply.



Postal problems persist. (But your mail-in ballot is probably safe.)

Are Postal Service operations no longer in jeopardy? Can USPS ensure all mail-in ballots get where they need to go? And, most critically, has irreparable damage been done to America’s faith in our electoral system? Reporter Jacob Bogage unpacks the story.


 2020-08-20  24m

How an extraordinary election season affects Trump’s reelection chances

Chief political correspondent Dan Balz explains how the pandemic has reshaped the 2020 election and what those changes mean for Trump’s prospects for winning the presidency again.


 2020-08-13  26m

TikTok flip-flop: What’s the president’s power over foreign companies?

Technology reporter Rachel Lerman explains why President Trump wants to block TikTok and James Lewis, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, explains how the administration can take steps to change things for the Chinese-owned app.


 2020-08-06  25m

How America votes is inherently unpredictable. So why do polling?

The Post's polling team, Scott Clement and Emily Guskin, delve into conducting and interpreting polls during an election season. How exactly can polls be representative of the electorate? And are polls predictive of how a country will eventually vote?


 2020-07-30  30m

A double down on federal force, a do-over on coronavirus

President Trump receives poor marks from Americans on two major issues: his handling of the coronavirus and anti-racism protests. Yet, he's taking two starkly different approaches. Reporters Ashley Parker and Matt Zapotosky on Trump's evolving messages.


 2020-07-23  35m

Conventions vs. covid-19: Trump’s push for a spectacle while the virus surges

Why is Trump so adamant about holding an in-person convention during a pandemic? How might the RNC be a critical campaign moment for Trump? Reporter Michael Scherer explains how this year's conventions will look unlike any modern conventions we've seen.


 2020-07-16  26m