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Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered

How can we protect ourselves from coronavirus? How long will the current situation last? Why has the death rate been so high in Italy? And why have some other countries apparently been more successful at reducing the spread of the vir...



Coronavirus and Morality: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Ritula Shah in conversation

The UK's former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks appears in this special episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast, recorded remotely while he self-isolates in his home. In an in-depth discussion with the BBC's Ritula Shah, he discusses how our s...



A Century of Conflict, with Rashid Khalidi and Jonathan Freedland

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been raging for decades, with seemingly no end in sight. In this episode, we are joined by Rashid Khalidi, Palestinian-American historian and Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Colum...



Radical Uncertainty, with Mervyn King, John Kay and Jesse Norman

In these incredibly uncertain times, we're exploring the concept of 'radical uncertainty' in this episode with Mervyn King, the former Governor of the Bank of England, alongside renowned economist John Kay and Jesse Norman MP. Mervyn and...



Kate Murphy and Ros Urwin on the Importance of Listening

When was the last time you listened to someone, or someone really listened to you? At work, we’re taught to lead the conversation. On social media, we shape our personal narratives. At parties, we talk over one another. So do our politicians. We’re not...



Eighty Is The New Thirty: A Guide To Getting Older With Daniel Levitin and Camilla Cavendish

What are the most effective ways to keep our brains fit? Should we be learning a new language or using cognitive training apps? Should we ever retire? Will we soon be able to slow down the ageing process by taking special pills that work at the level o...



One Of Them, with Michael Cashman and Razia Iqbal

Michael Cashman has been an actor, a politician and one of the pioneers of the struggle for LGBT equality in the UK. He is the author of a new book titled One Of Them: From Albert Square to Parliament Square and in this episode of the podcast he was in...



Difficult Women: The Defining Fights of Feminism, with Helen Lewis and Caroline Criado Perez

In this episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast we are joined by Helen Lewis, staff writer for the Atlantic, who claims that too many pioneers of women’s rights have been whitewashed or forgotten because society likes its heroines to be cu...



Why Myanmar Matters, with Thant Myint-U and Ros Urwin

In this episode we are joined by Thant Myint-U, the Burmese historian, former adviser to the President of Myanmar, and author of The Hidden History of Burma: Race, Capitalism, and the Crisis of Democracy in the 21st Century. ...



Armando Iannucci, Jess Phillips and Jan Ravens on Satire in an Age of Absurdity

Has satire lost its power in this new world of fake news and ‘alternative facts’ - when our leaders lie so blatantly and frequently, and still manage to get away with it? Or is humour a more important tool than ever to hold those in power to account? ...


 2020-02-28  1h1m