Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain

Relatively Prime features stories and interviews from the mathematical world. Featuring math stories from people like Fields Medalists to indie rockers to linguists on topics ranging as wide as the artificial intelligence which defeated checkers and mathematics haiku battles. Relatively Prime has a mathematics story for anyone and everyone.

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episode 37: Citation Aging

For this episode of Relatively Prime Samuel decided that instead of speaking to a guest they would instead talk about the research they are conducting now that they…



episode 36: A Beauty Cold and Austere

Samuel speaks with mathematics Mike Spivey about his math interactive fiction game A Beauty Cold and Austere


 2019-08-31  27m

episode 35: Robert Schneider

This episode is a bit of a blast from the past. Samuel has recently been going back through some of the old episodes from season 1 and while…


 2019-07-31  1h0m

episode 34: Mathematical Objects

Samuel speaks with Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett about their new math podcast Mathematical Objects


 2019-06-29  46m

episode 33: EDGE

On this episode of Relatively Prime Samuel speaks with the founders, Sylvia Bozeman of Spellman College and Rhonda Hughes of Bryn Mawr, a current director, Ami Randunskaya of…


 2019-05-01  16m

episode 32: Mathematically Gifted & Black

If a person is going to become a mathematician it is important for them to be able to see examples of people like themselves who have already made…


 2019-04-01  31m

episode 31: 3 2 1...Action

On this episode of Relatively Prime Samuel talks mathematical movies with the director and producer of Flatland and the creator of the math movie Cents


 2019-02-28  49m

episode 30: Jem's Gems

Samuel speaks with mathematics teacher Jo Morgan abouthow twitter changed her maths teaching and her work helping provide math resources to teachers.


 2019-01-31  17m

episode 29: A Year (1811) In Review

A special year in review episode from Samuel's old podcast Math/Maths with Peter Rowlett


 2018-12-31  17m

episode 28: All the Math Podcasts

This bonus episode of Relatively Prime features a live podcast recording from 2018’s Annual MathsJam Gathering. This live podcast featured segments from Math/Maths, Wrong But Useful, Talkdust, Strongly…


 2018-12-20  40m