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The Dice For Brains Podcast is an actual play show telling serialized stories through the course of a season with a focus on character and story development. The show is produced by an inclusive group that brings new players to the world of tabletop role playing games. Experience organic narratives by following along with new and veteran players as they explore your favorite story worlds, all with the assistance of tabletop rpgs. Season 1-3: The Kido Rebellion Trilogy (Star Wars rpg). Season 4-6: Worlds and Orders Trilogy (Star Wars rpg). Season 7: Fantastic Beasts of the North American Swampland (Genesys - Wizarding World).


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 45m. Bisher sind 124 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

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episode 11: SWRPG | Passengers

Eager to leave the Moonscape Hotel battle site, Bher, Gree, and Xen get their Rebel contacts on board the Spicy Kido. During a short flight, the crew attempt to uncover whatever secrets Kuna and Ro’in hold.


 2016-05-22  43m

episode 12: SWRPG | Tea and Consequences

In the season 2 finale, Bher, Gree, and Xen are severed from the connection that brought them to this point. With new and old enemies appearing, will the crew of the Spicy Kido survive long enough to end the blockade of the Anoat Sector?


 2016-05-30  52m

episode 13: SWRPG | Death Star: Part 1

A droid with a secret called RHK-1 is planning an escape from the space station known as the Death Star. It will need the help of human allies and a catalyst for their participation if it has any hope of fulfilling its programming.


 2016-06-06  36m

episode 14: SWRPG | Death Star: Part 2

Fresh after the destruction of Alderaan, Jemini and Otis have decided to abandon their posts in the Empire as insisted by the Rebel droid RHK-1. They find a particular skillset is required to escape a stronghold like the Deathstar.


 2016-06-12  37m

episode 15: SWRPG | Death Star: Part 3

With the assistance and instruction of a new friend, RHK-1 leads his human associates on a daring rescue mission. The Deathstar escape plan is full of situational complications the group is ill-equipped to deal with.


 2016-06-19  37m

episode 16: SWRPG | Death Star: Part 4

The newly aligned band of Rebels makes their escape from the Death Star in an Imperial ship. With a battle raging above the moon Yavin 4, not getting blown up by either side will be difficult to achieve.


 2016-06-26  28m