Welcome to the ExQueeriencePoints Podcast. We are an all queer cast, and I’m the originator and producer, Kelrick. The cast consists of queer gaymers with over 3 decades of combined gaming experience… not that we always act like it. We will be play the Starfinder ttrpg, produced by Paizo because they have shown serious work in ttrpg inclusion. Our stories are told by queer casts telling stories with queer themes - which doesn't mean we are only for queer folks, just that we don't shy away from being our authentic selves as well play through our campaigns.


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episode 18: Episode 18 New Comms Who 'Dis?

Welcome to ExQueerience Points episode 18: New Comms Who 'Dis? Our crew makes some… interesting choices. We meet Absco’s mom while they turn in their coupon. We go clubbing, drink A LOT, and then romantic mayhem. We continue our pattern of making absurd decisions that push @MiyuPlaysGames to pull ideas out of butt.


 2018-09-26  50m

episode 17: Episode 17 Coupon Prize

Hello and welcome back to ExQueerience Points! This week the crew travels to Verces, levels up, and gets to know Absco just a BIT better!


 2018-09-19  58m

episode 16: Episode 16 Razzle Dazzle Them

In this installment of our queer space adventures we meet a new protagonist, and contemplate suing a game show! Angus might see traps everywhere, and everyone might just be done with Eox.


 2018-09-12  50m

episode 15: Episode 15 No Tan Lines

Welcome back to ExQueerience Points! Previously we have made it through 2 out of 4 Eoxian game show challenges. Will we survive after what that trap room did to us?


 2018-09-05  1h0m

episode 14: Episode 14 The Adventure Hookers!

Hello! In this episode we get to continue our Eoxian journey into the dangerous world of Eoxian Game Shows! Miyu left us on a cliffhanger last week - and let me tell you, it doesn't get any better for us. So buckle up and find out if everyone survives this episode!


 2018-08-29  47m

episode 13: Episode 13 Big Trouble in Little Eox

Hello! Welcome to the episode where we get to explore Eox..., the food, the people... the Adventure Hook. Oh yeah - it's on. (And Phaedra gets cocky.)


 2018-08-22  44m

Episode 12 Bitch Don't Lie to Me!

Welcome back to ExQueerience Points! This is part 2 of our special episode with a guest appearance by @writejessr, Dm for the podcast Bitches and Liches! We also get to hear a cinematic description of Angus's Supernova thanks to listener WookieGunner in this episode! Last epsidoe our guest Citsa helped us with a space battle, this time we get a little more 1-on-1 time with Citsa and the crew.


 2018-08-15  1h5m

Episode 11 Kasatha Handshake

Welcome back to ExQueerience Points! This is a VERY special episode for us, as it is our first show with a guest appearance! Thank you so much to twitter user (and friend) @writejessr, Dm for the podcast Bitches and Liches for joining us!


 2018-08-08  56m

episode 10: Episode 10 We Like Them Big & Stupid

Welcome back to ExQueeriencePoints! In our last episode we finally met Solomon... who is sending us to Eox for The Adventure Hook! Now we prepare... and meet the best NPC ever!


 2018-08-01  1h5m

episode 9: Episode 9 Y.G.E.M.W.o.m.P.

Welcome back to ExQueeriencePoints! Last time the crew of the Zephry did some questionable things to/with an Ysoki. We are also moving ever closer to attaining that elusive drift drive!


 2018-07-25  52m