History of Alchemy Podcast

A look at the history of alchemy and it's influence on science.


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Giovanni (Mercurio) da Correggio

Interesting description of the abilities of the philosopher's stone, and all around colorful character on the run from the inquisition.


 2013-07-27  33m

History of Alchemy: Ramon Llull

Llull invented a proto-computer to figure out the nature of matter. All-around interesting character that had an influence on the likes of Martin Luther and Gottfried Leibniz.


 2013-07-20  40m

History of Alchemy: Ostanes

A mysterious person, (or –more likely– multiple people with the same name) from Persia. Sometimes called the 'father of alchemy.' His supposed contributions include first mentioning the elixir of life, the philosopher's stone, being in X...


 2013-07-14  20m

Jabir ibn Hayyan, aka Geber

The first practical alchemist and possibly the most influential alchemist of all time. We also break down Geber vs Pseudo-Geber.


 2013-07-06  40m

History of Alchemy: Gilles de Rais

More infamously known as serial killer of children, we discuss his role in alchemy, its charlatans and black magic.


 2013-06-23  35m

History of Alchemy: Mariam the Jewess

A supposed inventor of some quite modern lab equipment. She also came up with some of the axioms and recipes for gold used throughout the history of alchemy.


 2013-06-15  10m

History of Alchemy: J. Kepler & Tycho Brahe

The eccentric astronomer (and alchemist) and pious mathematician come together to provide us with great tales of drunken moose, witch trials and strange theories.


 2013-06-09  1h38m

History of Alchemy: Roger Bacon

Doctor Mirabilis and Franciscan friar, Roger Bacon... father of science? Have a listen for his take on the philosopher's stone and alchemical processes.


 2013-05-21  46m

History of Alchemy: Zosimos of Panopolis and Agathodaimon

Zosimos is the oldest alchemist whose writing we can reach back to. Agathodaimon is from the same era, in medieval times he was considered the 'father of poison'.


 2013-05-08  44m

History of Alchemy Podcast: Paracelsus

No compilation of alchemy would be complete without the mention of this well-travelled alchemist, botanist, and physician.


 2013-04-24  31m