History of Alchemy Podcast

A look at the history of alchemy and it's influence on science.


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History of Alchemy Podcast: The Alchemist Emperor, Rudolf II of Hapsburg (HoA Edit)

Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II had an alchemist's lab of his own and was the patron of several other alchemists in Magical Prague.


 2013-04-09  52m

History of Alchemy Podcast: Neo-Platonism

Peter Adamson defines Neo-Platonism and how it's theories are important to the understanding of alchemy. Peter Adamson is a professor at LMU in Munich and is the host of The History of Philsophy without any Gaps Podcast.


 2013-03-25  50m

History of Alchemy Podcast: Michael Sendivogius

The very practical court alchemist of Sigismund III of Poland and Rudolf II the Holy Roman Emperor. He claimed to have the secret of creating gold and the philosopher's stone.


 2013-03-14  28m

History of Alchemy Podcast: Al-Ghazali

Al-Ghazali, the 2nd most important man in Islam, could be considered an alchemist and we talk about his life, work, and influence that reached far beyond the Muslim world.


 2013-03-01  35m

History of Alchemy Podcast: Albertus Magnus

We look at the reputation Albertus Magnus had as an alchemist.  Where that reputation came from and who Albertus Magnus was and what he did. 


 2013-02-16  31m

History of Alchemy Podcast: Hermeticism

The very first Alchemist and the philosophy he started… even if he was mythical.


 2013-02-09  41m

History of Alchemy Podcast Introduction

Our introduction gives a quick rundown of the history of alchemy and what the show is about.


 2013-02-09  47m