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Every week, Rag-NERD-rok brings you a new Actual Play, with occasional episodes dedicated to discussion, diversion, and geekery in general. We play many different tabletop RPGs, from Eclipse Phase to Fiasco, from Call of Cthulhu to New World of Darkness--and we're trying new systems all the time! For more information about our ongoing campaigns, be sure to check out our website, www.ragnerdrok.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @ragnerdrok, or even “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to email us at info@ragnerdrok.com.


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Dungeon World –“A Song of Remembrance 16: Dans L’acide”

Join us this week for the series finale of A Song of Remembrance! Can Sha-Sheena (The Giant!), Nylathria, Garek, Wei and Xeno defeat the evil General Orax before his sinister plan to revive the dead god Rohr comes to fruition? In order to do so,


 2022-08-17  2h37m

Dungeon World –“A Song of Remembrance 15: The MacGuffin”

We’re back from our hiatus with another episode of A Song of Remembrance! In this week’s adventure, the adventurers and their ancient counterparts split up to gather the forces they’ll need to fight General Orax.


 2022-08-10  2h52m

Fate Accelerated –“No Way! Squad: Midwest: The New Team”

The No Way! Squad is back! Well, a No Way! Squad is back.  Des Moines has become the latest hotbed of supervillainy and general shenanigans. And a new No Way! Squad is needed to deal with the threats.  But will the team be able to come together for the...


 2022-06-29  1h43m

Bird Crimes –“Smugglers’ Dilemma”

Three men owe a great deal of money to a man in London. They’re all down-on-their-luck criminals, so the man asks them to do something for him: smuggle seven parrots on an overnight flight from New York to Heathrow.


 2022-06-22  2h29m

Dungeon World –“A Song of Remembrance 14: Beyond The Shimmer”

After a long, long journey, the party finally crosses over to the other side of The Shimmer. They hope to put an end to the threat and save their world.  But what will they find waiting for them in this strange land?


 2022-06-15  2h5m

Dungeon World –“A Song of Remembrance 13: The Precipice”

With the artifacts in tow, the group has decided to destroy them by throwing them into a pit of acid. But first, they’ll have to contend with a possible betrayal from within.  Will they be able to trust their own?


 2022-06-08  2h33m

Delta Green –“The One and Only Gun Story”

Three FBI agents are summoned to Colorado Springs to investigate a series of seemingly unconnected shootings that share a strange similarity: they were all committed with the same gun. The victims and their assailants did not know each other,


 2022-06-01  3h1m

Fiasco –“The Best Man”

Regina is finally getting married. To a reality TV bounty hunter, of course.  The wedding is going to be the event of the century! But for security reasons, the happy couple decides to hold their nuptials in the middle of the desert.


 2022-05-25  3h0m

Delta Green –“Night Floors 6: Downstairs”

Trapped in the Mcallister Building, the investigators wander the Night Floors, trying to find a way out.  But the hallways are strange and shifting, and hide more than they reveal. Will the investigators make it out alive?


 2022-05-18  1h58m

Dungeon World –“A Song of Remembrance 12: The Whispers of Ghosts”

Now that Sha-Sheena and Xeno have surrendered the artifacts of Rohr that almost turned them against the party, Garrick must shoulder the terrible burden. As the group continues through the subterranean maze beneath Magh Thorem,


 2022-05-11  2h22m