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Every week, Rag-NERD-rok brings you a new Actual Play, with occasional episodes dedicated to discussion, diversion, and geekery in general. We play many different tabletop RPGs, from Eclipse Phase to Fiasco, from Call of Cthulhu to New World of Darkness--and we're trying new systems all the time! For more information about our ongoing campaigns, be sure to check out our website, www.ragnerdrok.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @ragnerdrok, or even “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to email us at info@ragnerdrok.com.


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Fate Core –“Amerinomicon 28: Run R’lyeh Fast, Pt. 2”

It seems their mission worked. And even more unbelievably, they survived. Now the group convalesces and tries to see what they’ve accomplished Sorry for the short episode. It just kind of worked out that way this time!



Savage Worlds: Deadlands –“Dueling Gods Path 21: A New Smeriff In Town, Pt. 2”

With their newly minted Smeriff in tow, the posse sets out to get the Ranger some pants, and then to investigate the strange tower being built in the center of town. What will they find when they get there?



Fate Core –“Amerinomicon 27: Run R’lyeh Fast, Pt. 1”

The bomb has been set. Now, the group of unlikely heroes just needs to get off the cursed island of R’lyeh before it detonates.  Will they be able to escape the city? Will their mission be successful, or will they be foiled by Cthulhu’s forces?



Savage Worlds: Deadlands –“Dueling Gods Path 20: A New Smeriff in Town, Pt. 1”

Having arrived in Florida, the posse is closing in one one of their last targets: it seems Lust has taken up residence, and things are going a little screwy in town.  Another town in chaos. Will the posse be able to sort this one out?



Eclipse Phase –“Overrun, Pt. 1”

After an exoplanet colony loses contact with one of its outposts, Firewall sends a gatecrashing team to find out what happened. Things on this swamp planet seem miserable enough. But when the local wildlife starts acting strangely,



Fiasco –“Good Neighbors”

Poppleton Terrace is a nice neighborhood filled with nice people. And the nice folks on the HOA work hard to keep it that way.  But a nasty divorce threatens the peace and stability of the community, leading to rising tensions all over Poppleton Terrac...


 2020-10-21  1h49m

Fiasco –“Love in The Time of Screaming Leeches”

Spooptober continues! This week, we delve into the second edition of Fiasco, one of our favorite games.  Normally, the residents of Sucker Creek try to avoid the beast that lives in their swamp. Some try to profit off of it,


 2020-10-14  3h30m

Adventurers! –“Spoop-horn’s Big Spoop-venture: Revenge of The Gnarl”

This week, we’re kicking off Spooptober 2020 with a return to the Sweethornverse! Fresh off their victory of saving the Eversummer Wood, the daring band of adventures are asked by Tola to stop another threat. The Gnarl has returned,


 2020-10-07  2h27m

Longshot –“Climate Control”

Join us for another playtest of Alex’s in-development game, Longshot! The first four people on Mars need to work together to survive. They’ll have to face dust storms, malfunctioning toilets, bad news from home, and each other if they want to survive.


 2020-09-30  1h59m

Adventurers! –“Sweethorn’s Big Adventure 6: Sweethorn’s Big Homecoming”

Having defeated the evil wizard and reclaimed the gem, the group of adventurers set out to finish their quest. Once the gem is returned to the great tree, they then have to make their way back to Treespire to report to Sweethorn’s father about their ad...


 2020-09-23  1h46m