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Every week, Rag-NERD-rok brings you a new Actual Play, with occasional episodes dedicated to discussion, diversion, and geekery in general. We play many different tabletop RPGs, from Eclipse Phase to Fiasco, from Call of Cthulhu to New World of Darkness--and we're trying new systems all the time! For more information about our ongoing campaigns, be sure to check out our website, www.ragnerdrok.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @ragnerdrok, or even “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to email us at info@ragnerdrok.com.


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Eclipse Phase – Siren’s Song

On the Jovian moon Europa, deep beneath its subsurface ocean, horror is stirring. A mysterious artifact of unknown origin has begun to emit a curious pattern of signals at regular intervals, and those who hear it are entranced by its song.


 2017-08-16  1h54m

Dungeon World: Inverse World –“Ice Loch 3”

In the final episode of our Inverse World mini-campaign, Seahawk and Crew discover a terrifying secret on the island of Ice Loch. While Mal and Crysis invade the home of the island’s ruling family atop the ice spire,


 2017-08-09  2h15m

Fate Accelerated –“A Visit with Grandpapa”

Three gentlemen from the upper crust of Victorian society — a doctor, a champion polo player and a “poet” — are planning on spending a lovely day on the estate of their Grandfather. However, things don’t go as they planned. Between the alien invasion,


 2017-08-02  2h0m

Dungeon World: Inverse World –“Ice Loch 2”

In this week’s Actual Play, Seahawk and his crew of nefarious sky mercenaries continue their quest to free the floating island of Ice Loch from the choking influence of a local crime family. In order to open the port,


 2017-07-26  2h29m

Dungeon World: Inverse World –“Ice Loch 1”

This week, Rag-NERD-rok takes to the upside-down skies of Inverse World with the first installment of a three-episode mini-campaign! A criminal mastermind known as The Tentacle contracts Captain Seahawk and his crew of rowdy misfits aboard the Solar Sa...


 2017-07-19  1h44m

Transhumanity’s Fate –“Delphinium One”

For the Sentinels of The Invisible Word, an “informal” Firewall server dedicated to tracking and combating epistemological threats, nothing poses a greater danger to the continued existence of the species than the limits of transhuman knowledge.


 2017-07-12  3h57m

Call of Cthulhu –“From The Rubble”

The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was the worst disaster to ever hit the city, and one of the worst disasters the U.S. has ever faced. The city was almost completely destroyed, and it took years to recover. But in Chinatown,


 2017-07-05  2h23m

My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria –“The Pet Predicament”

On an ordinary day in Ponyville, four friends are about to find way more adventure than they bargained for. There’s Silver Spirit, the dim but lovable earth pony who specializes in the healing arts. Dusk Waterstone (of the Cloudsdale Waterstones) is a ...


 2017-06-28  2h45m

Fate: Masters of Umdaar –“Six-Sided Vengeance”

In the series finale to Alex’s Masters of Umdaar campaign, the Archaeonauts must use the Cube of Subeqo to defeat Drazkum the Debaser. First, however, they will need to capture the final piece, a sliver that they did not even realize was missing,


 2017-06-21  3h32m

Fate: Masters of Umdaar –“Finding Subeqo,” or, “The Down Boat Double-Cross”

This week’s installment of Masters of Umdaar finds our brave Archaeonauts returning to the seaside village of Meh on the Mediocre Coast, site of their storied victory against the dreaded Ella-Vator! The Cube of Subeqo has led them back with visions of ...


 2017-06-15  3h28m