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We are an ENnie-award winning podcast that plays roleplaying games set in dark worlds.

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episode 81: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 17

Sex gets boring. Passion gets boring. Even digging around in Gamaliel’s most twisted dreams gets repetitive. It wears you down. This extended lifespan comes with the extra risk of going crazy. It fucks you up like it did with Donovan. Or am I just fucking and being fucked by the wrong things? This Dracula-cliché is getting silly. I need to find something radically new. Some drug I haven’t tried yet...


 2018-11-29  1m

episode 82: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 18

I am actually finding a balance. I am healing. Recovering. It is good. I feel that I am back to being what I should be, in a new way. Dead but still alive. Still dead. Still alive. I miss Elsa a lot. And Seymour. Sometimes. Last year I did a tart from Wembley on her wedding night. The fireworks beside her drunk husband resulted in a child. Seymour would have had a lot to say about that. Not to mention Donovan. “Our kind cannot breed…” I blame it on Elvis. Elvis is cool...


 2018-11-30  1m

episode 83: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 19

I loved swinging London. I loved every silly minute of it. The parties. The abundance of drugs. The spirit of rebellion and exploration. The childish songs and the teen decadence. All these rebels in their twenties. These bratty working-class kids with their heads full of technicolor dreams. The anti-war movement. The crazy political ideas. They kicked open the gates to Metropolis by sheer numbers. I loved that. Hyde Park melted into another Hyde Park. And the sun machine was coming down...


 2018-12-01  1m

episode 84: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 20

I am doing the hippie guru thing. Without letting the sunshine in. One of my pupils is this 13-year old runaway. She is very gifted, but I do not think she understands that we are related. Perhaps better keep it that way. Magic is in the streets. Some crazy kids even claim streets are disappearing. Sounds strange, but considering what is underneath the illusion here, who knows? Vanessa and some other kids told me Oxford Street was missing and I had to see for myself...


 2018-12-02  1m

episode 85: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 21

Vanessa has left to live with Max the lunatic. Might be just as well. I am not to be trusted around relatives. She is perhaps better off without the crazy guy in the basement who enjoys blood, babes and the Clash. Vanessa was constantly going on about how men ruled the world. I always told her that Victoria was a woman and Elsa would go “but she is just one.” I tried to explain that our empire has been ruled by women for 100 of the last 150 years...


 2018-12-03  1m

episode 89: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 22

Something is happening. Stirring or moving. It has been going on for a while now. Some shift in the big picture. I think of Crowley coming back. Or Seymour. On the back on some monster from hell. I realise that if it was just me in the monsters way, I would not care much, but now Vanessa is here too. Crazy, wonderful Vanessa of the lunatics. I like to have her around. For the world to have her around. Caring for family is even worse than needing love...


 2018-12-04  2m