Roll For Wenches

A DnD podcast currently running our motley group of characters through the Rage of Demons storyline.

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episode 31: Episode 31: Keep on Keeping On

I'm not going to deny it. The wenches are basically stalling as long as they can so they can fight the dragon with Smoots controlling her own character. 


 2018-04-07  42m

episode 32: Episode 32: Dragon Rodeo

Game mom didn't put in an intro because she has a migraine and couldn't focus on one.  The wenches fight their first dragon! Who will win!? Who will melt?!


 2018-04-14  1h32m

episode 33: Episode 33: No, Nay, Neverlight Grove

The Wenches have finally returned Luna's little mushroom friend to his home, only to find that he's not at ease about his homecoming. 


 2018-04-20  1h13m

episode 34: Episode 34: Mawwiage

Tis the season for weddings it seems.


 2018-04-25  1h5m

episode 35: Episode 35: Not actually a wedding

Ash is invited to a wedding, but it's actually more complicated than that. 


 2018-05-04  29m

episode 36: Episode 36: Princess Sassypants

The wenches leave the extended wedding party to go on an adventure, only to lose the groom to be. 


 2018-05-19  1h4m

episode 37: Episode 37: Just Desert

The desert is home to a lot of things, most of them unfriendly. 


 2018-06-01  1h21m

episode 38: Episode 38: Lich, please!

No intro/outro this week because getting the kids (who have no school) to be quiet on a rainy day has proven difficult. But here we are, doing some more poking around the monastery. Where is Ash's mom? Is Taerel's bride-to-be worthy of him? Will...


 2018-06-09  1h29m

episode 39: Episode 39: I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Ash chimed in with haven't you people ever heard of, not being a goddamn lich? 


 2018-06-15  1h15m

episode 40: Episode 40: Smoots' Family

Smoots feels suddenly compelled, after dealing with Ash's crazy family, to go visit their own. What will they find when they get there? Will Ash survive the amount of hugs offered her? 


 2018-06-22  1h9m