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Exploring the who, what, why and how of free culture, open source, and the Wikimedia Galaxy.

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Programming and Parenting: Learning from Experience

Today on the podcast: Kathryn Rotondo, Daniel Schweighöfer, and Ola Gasidlo. The topic: Startup culture, tech companies, and how they address young parents within the company.


 2015-07-27  49m

Social Entrepeneurship the Berlin Way

A conversation about striking a balance between for-profit goals and non-profit aspirations.


 2015-07-13  1h4m

The Curious and Creative Minds of EnthusiastiCon

Voices from EnthusiastiCon on how they got started programming, what they love about it, and personal goals they have in this exciting field.


 2015-06-30  55m

Cyborgs, Software and Society

Founder of the German Cyborg Society, Enno Park joins me for an exploration of the world of cyborgs and society.


 2015-06-16  51m

From Berlin to Baghdad: Bilal Ghalib on Hacker Space Ethos

Today we hear from Bilal Ghalib, hacker space facilitator and liaison for problem solving initiatives throughout the Middle East, North Africa and well actually.. the world.


 2015-05-30  50m

The Slow Fast Changing World of Licenses

Today on the program John Weitzmann of iRights Law and Dimitar Dimitrov Brussels-Based Free Culture Ambassador.


 2015-05-18  59m

Coding Davinci: A New Approach to Culture Data

Today you'll hear from representatives from the various institutions and interest groups that come together to make up this unique event.


 2015-05-02  1h2m

Software Craftsmanship: Values, Practices and Community

Today on the program we speak with Jeroen De Dauw, a developer and software craftsmanship advocate. He’s our guide into a world that is rarely discussed in the mainstream yet has a tremendous impact on our lives.


 2015-04-17  35m

Audio Berlin: Combining Art, Science, and Technology

Exploring and pushing the limits of sound and music in Berlin with help from Peter Kirn, Leslie Garcia, and Mads Lindgren.


 2015-04-07  45m

Code for Germany: Reconnecting Citizens and Society

Everyday decisions are made that impact citizens and communities. Plans that are meant to and may very well improve quality of life. Plans that may also do the opposite. What if citizens had access to the data surrounding such plans?


 2015-03-21  52m