Tales From the Hydian Way

A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better


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episode 242: 242- The Unexpected Tale

Surprises can be an amazing thing, and we have a few ideas on how to turn a cliff hanger into something that the players will never expect. From fantastic settings to NPCs that will haunt your players long after they’re put back in the box,



episode 241: 241 – The Conflicted Party Tale

An explosion of discussion happens in this episode about using the conflict mechanic as two GMs talk about their strategy for completely integrating the mechanic into their adventures and sessions. Things discussed in this episode Trolley Problem Star ...



episode 240: 240 – The Momentum Tale

We talk about how to end a scene and how to keep narrative momentum up when interest feels like it’s flagging. From adventure starts and getting that spur into adventure to the pacing when your player group is traveling.



episode 239: 239 – The Narrative Tale

We talk about getting your players to narrate their actions more, from beginners who have never played an RPG before, to dungeon crawlers, to GMs who are there to relax. Things talked about in the episode Fiasco Tabletop Simulator You can find us on Tw...



episode 238: 238 – The Explosive Character Tale

Ben and Rissa watched a live stream of Star Wars the RPG and things happened, over the top things, things that made us want to talk about it. Here we are talking about what happens when a group that’s combat heavy comes to your more moderate adventure....


 2019-03-25  35m

episode 237: 237 – The Starting Character Tale

A longtime patron got in touch with us about something that was on their mind and we thought it would make a good episode. This is talking about what do you give characters to start with and how do you guide them into directions your story might want t...


 2019-03-18  36m

episode 236: 236 – The Force Majeure Tale

We have Adam Beltane on from the Force Majeure Podcast to talk about their experience with running their games, how they prepare, and how they got into the fun of Star Wars Roleplaying Things we talked about in this episode Force Majeure Podcast Dice F...


 2019-03-11  44m

episode 235: 235 – The Escort Tale

The Escort Tale


 2019-03-04  37m

Episode 234 – The Variable Party Tale

We talk about the need of theatrics at the table and how and why the need grows the less you know the players at the table as well as how it can become harder to do at the table. We referenced in this episode: Firefly Nancy Drew Mark Meer – Dnd You can...


 2019-02-25  38m

episode 233: Episode 233 – The Trope Tale

Tropes get brought up quite a bit, we’ve heard it so much, from how a scene is hollow because there isn’t anything else attached to the trope to how some tropes repeated enough can be harmful to your own gaming table.


 2019-02-18  35m