A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.


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episode 222: Review of the Year

00.00.40: Introductions
00.01.48: Thank you to our new patrons: brockenwitch and Kevin Campion
00.06.00: World of Gaming - Evil Genius lays off staff, folding; Nightfall Games in Terminator AI battle; Cyan Starlight KS; 5e Ruins of Symbaroum books; Role VTT loses its heart; is the Golden Age over ?
00.52.39: Patrons in the Hamam - The Year in Review

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 January 8, 2024  1h51m

Bonus show: Designing Tales of the Old West - part 2

Happy Christmas! There is no normal episode this week, because it's Christmas Eve today and we are with our families, rather than arguing over our mics. To make up for our absence on your feeds, here is a bonus show. People enjoyed the peek into our deign process that we released a month ago and asked if there was more. There is - this second hour of discussion from our very first design meeting follows on from where the last bonus episode finished, as we are talking about talents...


 December 24, 2023  1h4m

episode 221: How Deep Can We Go?

00.00.40: Introductions
00.03.00: Thank you to our new patron: Jeppe Mulich
00.05.12: World of Gaming - Electric State on Kickstarter; Matt Colville's Monster Fighting game MCDM RPG; R Talsorian's multi dimensional game Shadow Scar; Doug gets a staring fooled in Outgunned, Dave is guesting on Raldanash's Walking Dead Universe discusion
00.45.20: Dragonmeet report 
00.54.10: Article: Mechanical Depth



 December 11, 2023  1h26m

episode 220: We should have brought some fire

Sorry, chapter markers wrong in this episode, use these timing instead

00.00.40: Introductions
00.02.13: Thank you to our new patron: Andrew Rackley
00.05.12: World of Gaming - Four Borg! Even simpler than Mork Borg, New Free League website with proactive advice for starting to play; oh no! The Adventure Time RPG dumps its Yes And system for a 5e ruleset; Dragonmeet; Magnus Seter's new book
00.36.44: A Forbidden Lands approach to Mass Combat



 November 27, 2023  1h8m

episode 219: Building Worlds

Not only are some people building worlds with the hardcopy of the latest Alien supplement that has arrived on at least a few doorstep, but we speak to a woman who had a brilliant idea for building your game's world (better) with magnetic modular terrain. Plus loads of news from Free League and the world of gaming!
00.00.40: Introductions


 November 12, 2023  1h32m

Bonus show: The early days of game design - Tales of the Old West

We are sorry we missed our usual episode last week. Our intention had been to record an episode during MCM Comic Con London, but we ended up working too hard to make too few sales to do anything other than eat and sleep of an evening. Normal service will be resumed next weekend, and will include some Comic Con related content...


 November 5, 2023  1h1m

episode 218: Patriarchy schmatriarchy!

00.00.40: Introductions - You're Dead to Me
00.09.36: World of Gaming - Building Better Worlds PDFs are here; new Dragonbane announcements; The Lost Mountain saga coming out for Halloween; Cohors Cthulhu kickstarting; New Edition of BRP out in print; ; Essen and MCM Comicon
00.54.47: Article - Women in Historical TTRPG - Dr Emma Southron's History of Rome in 21 Women

01.25.15: Next time and Goodbye

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 October 16, 2023  1h27m

episode 217: Paying the Piper

00.00.40: Introductions - Put it on a plate
00.03.55: World of Gaming - Evil Genius sue Netflix over Rebel Moon RPG; Mutant Ad Astra finally makes an appearance; NeoClassscal Geek Revival imported into the UK; Household is brilliant; Essen and MCM Comicon
00.39.55: Article - Community content by the word (Steve Weick's blog posts)

01.09.36: Next time and Goodbye

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 October 2, 2023  1h11m

episode 216: A Bridge Too Far?

00.00.40: Introductions
00.06.01: World of Gaming: Dukk Borg; Pirate Borg; Deathmatch Island on Backerkit 17th October;  and Cohors Cthulhu coming to KS 3rd October; D&D part work; the art in They Grow Up So Fast.
00.41.30: Article - Writing Market Garden for War Stories

01.07.18: Upcoming episodes and Goodbye

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 September 18, 2023  1h10m

episode 215: The Gates of Gar

00.00.40: Introductions
00.03.47: Thank you to our new patron, Keith Rossellini
00.04.50: World of Gaming: Dreams and Machines pre-order; Free League will be demoing Zone Wars at Essen; Assassin’s Creed RPG announced; Shadow of the Weird Wizard Kickstarter almost done; Moria Kickstarter 
00.27.02: Interview - Interview, Gareth Ryder-Hannrahan

01.12.35: Next episode and Goodbye

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 September 4, 2023  1h15m