The Secret Cabinet

In the 19th century museums used to lock away everything which they deemed "unsuitable" for the public in secret cabinets. This podcast focuses on the parts of history you would not find in your school textbooks - for good reason. (Explicit Content) See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Episode23: Of Your Fellow Man

Anthropodermic bibliopegy – The art of binding books with human skin. Often -- but not always -- with the donor's permission.


 2016-10-06  20m

Episode22: Drinking and Sailing-Booze on the High Sea

What shall we do with a drunken sailor? Tipsy sailors was not uncommon, since large amounts of alcohol used to be carried on board -- for health reasons.


 2016-09-07  17m

Episode21: The Strange Births of Mary Toft

Magicians pull bunny rabbits out of their hats; Mary Toft pulled them out of her --- why don't you just have a listen?


 2016-09-01  22m

Episode20: Witnesses under Witnesses - Impotence in Court

For women there were only few opportunities in the Early Modern period to get divorced. One recognized reason was the impotence of the husband -- he had the burden of proof.


 2016-07-18  21m

Episode19: C.M. Linck - The Woman in Trousers

Orphan, button maker, dyer, transvestite, prophet, soldier, husband, victim of justice. An unusual tale of an unusual women in the 18th century. Catharina Margaretha Linck.


 2016-07-12  27m

Episode18: A Pile for Xmas

You think Christmas is sh..? The Catalans also, but not quite as one might think. From nativity figures, scatological art history, productive wooden shites, and the answer to the question of why I don't hire Interns.


 2016-06-26  21m

Episode17: Execution by Marriage

in 1561 a condemned Cologne citizen was given the choice between gallows and marriage---he chose the noose. How that ended and what the further job description of the executioner was---well the Buddler dug into it and we let you know.


 2016-05-09  25m

Episode16: New York from Below

New York doesn't just consist of sky scrapers--also what's underground is very interesting: starting with a human-carrying pneumatic tube system and buried dinosaurs, much still remains hidden.


 2016-04-27  18m

Episode15: Emperor of the United States

If you are not satisfied with the current government, simply become it yourself. That must be what Joshua Norton thought and proclaimed himself shortly Emperor of the United States. Or as the original German episode has it: the "Kaiser von Amerika"


 2016-02-14  22m

Episode14: What was the Führer missing?

The mass-murderer Adolf Hitler surely had a whole number of deficiencies, but was he also missing something else decisive? A testical? On the trail of...


 2016-02-07  19m