The Secret Cabinet

In the 19th century museums used to lock away everything which they deemed "unsuitable" for the public in secret cabinets. This podcast focuses on the parts of history you would not find in your school textbooks - for good reason. (Explicit Content) See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Episode13: Heed the signs! Everyday symbols

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Those that can interpret them... uhm... can interpret them.


 2016-02-01  24m

Episode12: Hell’s Vengance – the Worst Singer of All Time

70 years ago Florence Foster Jenkins died, the worst singer of all time; but her fame lives on forever.


 2016-01-24  21m

Episode11: The Electrifying Cultural History of Dildos

Today's offer: blunt tools of the paleolithic, ancient greek tax evasion, enlargements of male anatomy according to the Kama Sutra, Chinese mushrooms and transparent artifacts from Early Modern Era womens' Stifts.


 2015-09-30  20m

Episode10: Ed Gein – Psycho, Buffalo Bill, and Leatherface in One

What do Hitchcock's "Psycho", "Silence of the Lambs", and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" have in common? They are based on the same story -- a true story.


 2015-08-22  20m

Episode9: Bosom of Faith – Lactating Madonna´s Milk and Other Liquids

Milk makes tired medieval saints chipper - but only Mary's Original™


 2015-08-10  22m

Episode8: Where is the birdy? Animal Spies

Secret Services have been using animals as spies for a very long time. In this episode The Secret Cabinet follows the trails of photographer doves, accoustic kittens and innocent radio storks.


 2015-07-12  20m

Episode7: Under Lock and Key – Mythos Chastity Belt

Did medieval knights really encage their wives in chastidy belts before they went on their crusades? And how does this lead us to medieval brothels, anti-masturbation crusades and S&M practices? Find out in this brand-new Episode.


 2015-07-05  25m

Episode6: Murder Dolls of Edinburgh

In 1836 17 mysterious miniature coffins with wooden dolls were found by playing children at Arthur´s Seat, a volcanic rock near Scotland's capital Edinburgh. Had they been part of an occult ritual? Or were they related to the murder series oft th...


 2015-06-03  20m

Episode5: Sloppy Courts – Animal Trials

Animal rights? My ass...em donkey! The Middle Ages and Early Modern Era went even further than that: They brought animals to court.


 2015-05-26  23m

Episode4: The Foreskin Of The Lord

On one oft the weirdest relics oft christendom.


 2015-05-18  21m