The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds RPG Podcast

A podcast all about the role playing game Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. On this show we will be looking into both the mechanical side of the system and settings, as well as the fluff side. The intention of this podcast is to further the knowledge of ourselves and the community!

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episode 104: Episode 81—Favorite Settings

There are so many settings for Savage Worlds and if you're a newcomer, it's hard to sift through all that noise. That's why Gary asked Eric and special guest Chris Hussey from the Adventures of Young & Holt podcast to share some of their favorites for a ...


 2019-07-30  1h31m

episode 103: Episode 80—Savage Rifts American Armageddon

Gary and Paris interview Sean Roberson about the latest regarding Savage Rifts. Be sure to stay in contact with us-, twitter @thewilddie and look for us on Facebook, and MeWe. Also, help support the show and get early access to the p...


 2019-07-17  1h36m

episode 102: Bonus Episode—Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water Review

Pour yourself some rum and sing along your favorite sea shanty because we're going to the Caribbean! Gary gives us a review of this pirate setting from Yellow Piece Games. Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water on Dtrpg  Buccaneer: Through Hell and High ...


 2019-07-01  n/a

episode 101: Episode 79—Magic Items

Buckle up, folks! This is a hefty one. We invited Richard Woolcock to the show to discuss magic items. What is their place in Savage Worlds? How can characters create their own? Why does it make Eric so angry?  Artificer's Codex  Zadmar's store  Be sure ...


 2019-06-25  1h56m

episode 100: Episode 78 - More Rubbish Hindrances

Is Daredevil really blind? Can he be defeated by the Laminator? Should Gary and Eric still be singing on this show? Is Paris the only sensible and intelligent co-host left on this podcast? None of these questions are really answered in this episode but w...


 2019-06-13  1h29m

episode 99: Episode 77 - Rubbish Hindrances

Aren't some of the roleplay Hindrances total rubbish? Do they actually hinder players characters or are they just there to get extra build points? Gary, Pâris Conte, and Eric Lamoureux discuss the dump Hindrances by sharing a few examples like creating t...


 2019-05-30  1h22m

episode 98: Bonus Episode - Zombie Squad Review

We've put on our smoking jackets and poured ourselves some cognac for this review. It's all class with Paris Conte reviewing the sci-fi setting from Applied Vectors, Zombie Squad on Dtrpg  Kickstarter Interview on the WDP  Be sure to stay in contact with...


 2019-05-27  1h40m

episode 97: Episode 76 - Showdown: Titan Effect vs Extreme Earth

Are you looking to try a different type of superhero campaign without capes and tights? Titan Effect and Extreme Earth may just fit the bill. Harrison and Eric compare their notes and battle it out to the death for supremacy over the ultimate super soldi...


 2019-05-07  n/a

episode 96: Episode 75 - Hindrances

In this episode, Gary reviews the City of the Steam Sun JumpStart. In the Take it to the Edge segment, Paris moderates the first in a series of discussions on Hindrances. Deluxe to SWADE conversion document A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs From Gaming with Ga...


 2019-04-30  1h46m

episode 95: Bonus Episode - Guardians of Umbra

Michael Barbeau of Bumblebear Games came on the show to answer our questions about the upcoming Guardians of Umbra. Find out all about it in the episode. Be sure to stay in contact with us-, twitter @thewilddie and look for us on Fa...


 2019-04-23  1h9m