Data Skeptic

The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.

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Practicing and Communicating Data Science with Jeff Stanton

Jeff Stanton joins me in this episode to discuss his book An Introduction to Data Science, and some of the unique challenges and issues faced by someone doing applied data science. A challenge to any data scientist is making sure they have a...


 2014-10-24  36m

[MINI] The T-Test

The t-test is this week's mini-episode topic. The t-test is a statistical testing procedure used to determine if the mean of two datasets differs by a statistically significant amount. We discuss how a wine manufacturer might apply a t-test to...


 2014-10-17  17m

Data Myths with Karl Mamer

Black out baby boom | Subliminal messages | Beer and Diapers


 2014-10-10  48m

Contest Announcement

The Data Skeptic Podcast is launching a contest- not one of chance, but one of skill. Listeners are encouraged to put their data science skills to good use, or if all else fails, guess! The contest works as follows. Below is some data about the...


 2014-10-08  12m

[MINI] Selection Bias

A discussion about conducting US presidential election polls helps frame a converation about selection bias.


 2014-10-03  14m

[MINI] Confidence Intervals

Commute times and BBQ invites help frame a discussion about the statistical concept of confidence intervals.


 2014-09-26  11m

[MINI] Value of Information

A discussion about getting ready in the morning, negotiating a used car purchase, and selecting the best AirBnB place to stay at help frame a conversation about the decision theoretic principal known as the Value of Information equation.


 2014-09-19  14m

Game Science Dice with Louis Zocchi

In this bonus episode, guest Louis Zocchi discusses his background in the gaming industry, specifically, how he became a manufacturer of dice designed to produce statistically uniform outcomes. During the show Louis mentioned a two part video...


 2014-09-17  47m

Data Science at ZestFinance with Marick Sinay

Marick Sinay from ZestFianance is our guest this weel.  This episode explores how data science techniques are applied in the financial world, specifically in assessing credit worthiness.  


 2014-09-12  31m

[MINI] Decision Tree Learning

Linhda and Kyle talk about Decision Tree Learning in this miniepisode.  Decision Tree Learning is the algorithmic process of trying to generate an optimal decision tree to properly classify or forecast some future unlabeled element based by...


 2014-09-05  13m