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David Eagleman on the Science of De- (and Re-) Humanisation (and Why it Matters)

Which side were you on? The Jets or the Sharks? The Capulets or the Montagues? The Greeks or the Trojans? Antony or Caesar? William or Harold? And so the list goes on ... Indeed, maybe the whole of human history is the story of group-making and group-b...


 2013-12-11  1h27m

Naomi Wolf on 'Vagina: A New Biography'

American author Naomi Wolf made her name with The Beauty Myth, a book that exposed the tyranny of the ideal of female beauty. Now she’s back with a no less dramatic or controversial new work. In Vagina: A New Biography Wolf makes the case that the vagi...


 2013-12-10  1h44m

Chris Anderson on the Democratisation of Manufacturing, Design and Technology

In an age of custom-fabricated, do-it-yourself product design and creation, the collective potential of a million garage tinkerers and enthusiasts is about to be unleashed... Check out today's Advent podcast where Wired Magazine editor Chris Ande...


 2013-12-10  1h32m

Jeffrey Sachs on JFK and His Quest For Peace

How can leadership lessons from the past be applied to intractable international problems today? In this talk from July 2013, shortly before the 50th anniversary of President John F Kennedy's assignation, the world renowned economist Jeffrey Sach...


 2013-12-06  1h30m

Terry Eagleton in conversation with Roger Scruton

What really divides the left and the right? To answer this question, Intelligence Squared brought together two giants of British intellectual culture for an ideological reckoning: Terry Eagleton, literary critic and long-time hero of the radical left, ...


 2013-12-06  1h37m

Dan Pink on the Science of Buoyancy

It happens to all of us every day. You get rejected. Your customer doesn’t buy. Your boss doesn’t agree. Your crush doesn’t say yes. In this provocative and entertaining talk, Daniel Pink, author of the New York Times best seller Drive, harvests a ri...


 2013-12-04  1h29m

Michael Sandel on the Moral Limits of Markets

Should we pay children to get good grades? Is it ethical to pay people to test risky new drugs or to donate their organs? What about hiring mercenaries to fight our wars, or selling citizenship to immigrants willing to pay? Michael Sandel is one of th...


 2013-12-04  1h16m

Robert Macfarlane on Landscape and the Human Heart

How do the landscapes we love shape the people we are? Why do we walk? For several years and more than a thousand miles, celebrated travel writer Robert Macfarlane has been following the vast network of old paths and routes that criss-cross Britain and...


 2013-12-04  1h25m

Western Liberal Democracy Would be Wrong for China

People everywhere are better off living in liberal democracy: that has been the reigning assumption of the western world. But could it be we’ve got it wrong? If you were one of the world’s billions of poor peasants might you not be better off under a s...


 2013-12-02  1h49m

Pornography is Good For Us: Without it We Would Be a Far More Repressed Society

Hooray for porn! What would we be without it? Bored, repressed, frustrated. Porn allows the timid to indulge fantasies they’d never live out in real life and the adventurous to experiment with new forms of pleasure. Now that it has stepped down from th...


 2013-12-01  1h36m