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Money Can't Buy Happiness

Leading voices from the fields of science, philosophy came to the Intelligence Squared Asia stage for this thought-provoking debate about the pursuit of wealth and its relationship to happiness. Among other topics, this debate raised questions about t...


 2014-08-21  1h40m

University is an unwise investment

For many Western teenagers university has long been considered a passport to the good life: a rite of passage consisting of mind-expanding reading and writing or the acquisition of a professional qualification, and meeting like-minded people often over...


 2014-08-14  1h12m

It's Time to End The War on Drugs

To liberalise or prohibit, that is the question. Prohibitionists argue that legalising anything increases its consumption. The world has enough of a problem with legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco, so why add to the problem by legalising cannabis, ...


 2014-08-04  2h21m

"Contemporary Art Excludes the 99%"

What is the role of contemporary art museums today? Are biennales and art fairs platforms for experiment and exchange, or little more than social attractions for the elite? Have collectors become the new curators? Are private and corporate interests in...


 2014-08-01  1h26m

America's Drone Campaign Is Both Moral And Effective

Bug splats. That’s what the American operators of drones, sitting in safety thousands of miles away, call the casualties of a drone attack in Pakistan or Yemen. Why bug splats? Because that’s what a human body zapped by a drone looks like on those Amer...


 2014-07-24  2h6m

Sex, bugs & video tapes: the private lives of public figures deserve more protection from the press

Would you like the details of your sex life, private conversations, and hidden passions splashed across the pages of a British tabloid or published online? Could you do anything to stop it? In Britain, unlike in the USA or France, there is no right to ...


 2014-07-17  56m

Art Schools Are Bad At Producing Good Artists

What makes a good artist? Can creativity can be taught? What kind of education ups the ante for success in today’s global culture? These are some of the questions that were explored in this Intelligence Squared Asia debate in Singapore in January 2013...


 2014-07-10  1h41m

Jesus Would Have Voted Democrat

Remember the rich man and the eye of the needle? Blessed are the meek? The last shall be first? Jesus didn’t hold much truck for wealth or power, nor was he exactly a supporter of family values. He didn’t even encourage hard work (“Consider the lilies ...


 2014-07-03  1h51m

Shakespeare vs Milton: The Kings of English Literature Debate

Nearly four centuries after his death, no writer has come close to matching Shakespeare’s understanding of the world – or his gift for dramatic poetry. It’s not just kings and queens that he captured so uniquely in his transcendent verse. Shakespeare a...


 2014-06-26  2h22m

A Journey Into Outer Space, With Brian Cox

Are they out there? Intelligent beings from another world. Will we ever make contact with them? Is it even sensible to make guesses about whether life exists in other galaxies billions of light years from our own? How much do we know about outer space?...


 2014-06-19  2h4m