Kid Detectives RPG

Kid Detectives RPG is a horror comedy RPG podcast in which Josh Aichenbaum, Paul Immerman, Rosie Leisure, and Ivano Pulito play kid detectives and Connor Lloyd Crews, as the game master, leads them through spooky adventures filled with supernatural creatures, dangerous situations, and goof-em-ups. New episodes every other Thursday.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 53m. Bisher sind 45 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint jede zweite Woche.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 1 day 17 hours 54 minutes


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episode 45: a very short goodbye

Hey guys, just a little announcement: we're not doing that last episode anymore - also, by mid-Feb the show will be off iTunes and Podbean and places like that and archived on our website,! Thanks for listening!


 2019-12-20  0m

episode 44: Episode 44: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part VII

Finally, the finale to our fifth arc! The kids are flying down to marketplace planet Hebzzudddarr to meet with the brutish Akwaniuns. Will they be able to negotiate intergalactic peace? Will things go off without a hitch? Will Max be able to woo DK? “Yes...


 2019-07-26  1h2m

episode 43: Episode 43: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part VI

The kids are briefed by DK and the greys. Flo is fighting mad. Zeke reads up on alien sex tips. Tad works out with a cockroach man. Max attempts to plot.


 2019-03-15  52m

episode 42: Episode 42: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part V

hHRAAAHHEEE raAAohh hREEEe hhrAAaoh rROA-OWHh oowoa-oa


 2019-03-01  51m

episode 41: Episode 41: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part IV

While Flo and Zeke search the spaceship for a lost love, Max and Tad keep looking for love (and food) in all the wrong places. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We totally planned this!


 2019-02-15  57m

episode 40: Episode 40: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part III

The kids explore the spaceship! Tad demands answers! Flo works out! Max takes a gamble! Zeke searches for love!


 2019-01-31  52m

episode 39: Episode 39: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part II

The kids have been abducted by aliens! Will they escape their new extraterrestrial prison? Will they find out what on Earth is going on? Will Flo stop trying to pee on everything? The answer to only one of those is “yes,” listen to find out which!


 2019-01-17  50m

episode 38: Episode 38: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part I

The start of a new arc! It’s Thanksgiving and the kids have a lot of problems: Max has a clingy dad, Flo has an aversion to her grandpa, Zeke has an angry mom, Tad doesn’t have a dog, and they all get a text from DK that sets them out to places they’ve n...


 2019-01-03  52m

episode 37: Episode 37: The King In Ruby Robes - Part XII

It’s the finale to our fourth arc, and the Unending’s ritual sacrifice is already underway. Can the kids stop the cult’s horrible plans? Or will Talitho Bakroni and his followers get away with murder?


 2018-12-06  58m

episode 36: Episode 36: The King In Ruby Robes - Part XI

Captured again by the Unending, the kids finally meet the cult’s leader, the King in Ruby Robes, Talitho Bakroni. He sits down with them, plays them a song, and invites them to a “performance” at dawn. It’s the penultimate episode of this arc and, as day...


 2018-11-22  52m