Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast

Current Campaign: Back to the Dresden Files RPG setting for the second installment of the Cleveland Campaign. This one titled "Rituals"

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433 - DnD - I Will Allow It

How the RedJay was damaged and how we became "owners"  



432 - DnD - OSHA Would not Approve

The beginning of the DnD adventure Black Frost



431 - DnD - Midwife of Death

Character creation and setting defining. (Yes, I know we started in Savage Worlds and this says DnD - we switched over after a bit..)  


 2020-02-23  51m

430 - Dialect - Big Data Dump

AI - left in charge of the Earth and dealing with issues..


 2020-02-14  1h10m

episode 429: 429 - Dialect - Cuddle Robots

We try out a new game (to us) Dialect from Thorny Games. One evening - two to three episodes :)   


 2020-02-06  1h5m

episode 428: 428 - BitD - Blades in the Dark Review

Blades in the Dark Review


 2020-01-23  48m

episode 427: 427 - BitD - But He's Our DumbArse

The final episode of the current Blades in the Dark story line. Oh, don't worry, I imagine we will return for a few episodes here and there.   


 2020-01-16  1h0m

episode 426: 426 - BitD - The Squid Eats Better Than I Do

Penultimate Blades in the Dark episode..


 2020-01-10  48m

425 - BitD - Foist, A Fast Hoist

Flashback, story telling and how the players met. And the worlds worse fight scene - ever


 2020-01-01  1h11m

424 - BitD - Would It Help if I Killed Both of Them

Party in the park. The crew goes on a score to fulfill a promise and to spread the word.. about their squid juice.


 2019-12-21  1h11m