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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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474: Linux’s Malware Inevitability

Can Linux do better? Apple is scrambling to build always-on malware protection into the next macOS as its market share grows. A precautionary tale for Linux users.


 2022-09-05  1h13m

473: End of the Road

We've reached the end of the road in our immutable Linux series, and an old friend stops by to give us the inside scoop on Endless OS.


 2022-08-29  1h23m

472: 5 Problems With NixOS

The five most common problems when trying out an immutable Linux distro like NixOS. Plus, why one Linux dev says just target WINE.


 2022-08-22  1h10m

471: The Cottonwood Disaster

Our garage Linux server has died, and this time we’re looking at data loss. We attempt to revive our zombie box and reflect on what went wrong.


 2022-08-15  1h13m

470: Let's Call It an Upgrade

We present a buffet of budget Linux boxes. From $40 to $400 you'll be surprised by what we found. Then we attempt to find the perfect distro for them.


 2022-08-08  1h23m

469: Tough Linux Love

Is the Linux desktop hard to love? A long-time user experience developer argues it is, and we respond to his criticisms.


 2022-07-31  59m

468: The Read Only Scenario

A fundamental change is coming to desktop Linux, and Silverblue might be our hint at where things are going.


 2022-07-25  1h30m

467: All Hands on Deck

We try and bust a common Linux distro myth. Then what surprised Chris about his new Steam Deck.


 2022-07-18  1h21m

466: The Night of a Thousand Errors

We were fixing servers all night, but at least we have a great story. A special guest joins us to help make a big show announcement.


 2022-07-11  1h6m

465: Too Nixy for My Shirt

The one shared secret behind some of the world's most powerful open-source projects.


 2022-07-04  1h4m