One Shot

One Shot is a podcast about role playing games. Every month, host and Game Master James D'Amato leads a group of players on a self-contained adventure. Every adventure will be wrapped up in 4-5 episodes in time for a new story, in a new system, with new players the following month. One Shot will explore ever RP system possible to give listeners a sampling of the possibilities in the wide wild of role playing.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h8m. Bisher sind 429 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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episode 416: 396. Our Travelling Home Part 5

The household prepares to face the Hexarch and an empire's worth of power gaming to claim the power held in Shine's heart. They bask in the few remaining sweet quiet moments they have together and try to say the words they never could before the calamity of war.



episode 415: 395. Our Travelling Home Part 4

Shine takes everyone to The Maul. It's not as fun as it sounds.



episode 414: 394. Our Travelling Home Part 3

Shine attempts to bring everyone together after the fight with a brilliant plan: Special Family Dinner. Surely nothing can go wrong with an elaborate social activity built on expectations of perfection and an earnest belief that it will fix everything.



episode 413: 393. Our Travelling Home Part 2

We continue moving through our character creation questions fleshing out our characters, home, and world! Once everything is in order, we start playing. Of course, any house containing beings as temperamental as Lament and Azranel with someone as flippant as Shine is bound to descend into bickering. Thankfully Sorrel is ready to be the adult this house has needed.



episode 412: 392. Our Travelling Home Part 1

James welcomes Ash Krider onto the show to show off their new game based on Howl's Moving Castle. They are joined by Mel, D'Amato, Bee Zelda, and Aly Grauer to make a sweet family of extremely magical queers.



episode 411: 391. Anyone Can Wear the Mask Part 3

Science city is on the brink as Nostradamus has finally outwitted Pux using the rules of her own powers against her. Max Murray has sworn to be Pux no more! Without a hero, Councilman Lurker and Curie City could potentially lose all of the wonderful individuality of Science City. Will Max ever find the strength to return? Maybe a chat with Uncle Bill will help clear things up.


 2021-01-26  57m

episode 410: 390. Anyone Can Wear the Mask Part 2

We enter Science City! A place that would be completely at the mercy of corporate greed were it not for the tireless work of one person and Ground Hog's Day-style time loops.


 2021-01-18  51m

episode 409: 389. Anyone Can Wear the Mask Part 1

Jeff and James create a superhero and the absolutely BUCK WILD science city. Jeff maybe let James add too much nonsense to this world but it still turned out pretty great. Also, we get to celebrate Groundhog Day-style time loops!


 2021-01-11  53m

episode 408: 388. Blades in the Dark Part 4

With the perfect vessel in place, The Order of the Jubilant slide needs only get them to the dollar room to complete their work.


 2021-01-04  50m

episode 407: 387. Blades in the Dark Part 3

The cult of Vashraliff struggles to manipulate their unknowing minion into place through attacking his doll collection. But they must hurry, the world will only be ready to accept the gifts of The Jubilant Slide if the Whisper Worm manages to take hold of Doskvol.


 2020-12-28  52m