Pathgrinders 3 Die Deep

An actual-play Pathfinder RPG podcast. Unique adventures in the city of Magnimar, part of the Pathfinder campaign setting. Co-existing in a shared universe with the Douglas and Dragons podcast.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h5m. Bisher sind 27 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

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PG3DD Season 1 Ep 17: Out a Job

After gaining some gold betting at the shady halfling fight club, Duke rejoins Druce and Flynt in their hunt for info on the guys that stole Druce’s badge and coin purse. Here’s a link to Ian’s kickstarter for his comic, Brawler! https:


 2017-03-02  1h13m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 16: Duke’s Day Off Pt 2 – Half a Murder Pit

Duke continues his day of gambling and drinking with his companions Zak Jak and Bunford as they head into a secret fight club.


 2017-02-10  1h3m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 15: Meanwhile, Duke Walks Into a Bar

What does Duke Laloosh do when he bails out on the crew? Drinking and gambling of course! Let’s take a peak in on Duke and meet some whack-job characters that a degenerate gambler associates with.


 2017-01-26  44m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 14: Druce is Sorry, Baby

The guys check out the jeweler’s shop, find a great opportunity, and everything is great! Right? Turns out that no, they aren’t. Druce’s night of drunk shenanigans start to catch up to him.


 2017-01-12  1h33m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 13: Job and Dog Walk Into a Bar

The guys decide they’ll visit the jeweler that they saved from the stray dogs, but they decide to ride in style! Cashing in favors, y’all! Find that carriage driver they saved from the cultists!


 2016-12-27  58m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 12: You Go On! Geeeet!

The guys fight a two legged chihuahua. Seriously. We’re sorry. This episode is weird.


 2016-12-20  1h10m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 11: They Can’t All Be Boss Battles

After some disturbing experiences in the sewers, the guys take stock of themselves and then are off to get healed and drunk. Flynt tries to maneuver through town without running into the Washside Wranglers. Also, Druce has a crisis of character.


 2016-12-13  2h4m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 10: It’s In My Hair!

Can you keep up with all this adventuring?!? The PG3DD crew delve deeper and find more creepiness! They’re in for a fight this time, but perhaps they can put an end to the creation of the mutant goblin abominations that have been plaguing the city


 2016-12-07  1h12m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 09: Good Sized Sword

The guys deal with the goblin mutant experiments in the sewer temple. They also talk to a strange creature. Will it be a friend or foe?


 2016-12-04  1h22m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 08: MVP Scratch Deserves Better

The guys are in a secret laboratory that’s part of a secret temple under the city fighting secret mutated goblins, and it’s not easy. P.s. the Prince reference in this episode was recorded a couple months ago. The timing it came out today is


 2016-12-04  1h9m