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episode 30: 3.25- The National Convention

The National Convention voted unanimously to abolish the monarchy on Sept 21, 1792. Then they proceeded to go at each others throats.  Sponsor: 


 2015-02-02  20m

episode 31: 3.26- The Trial of Louis XVI

King Louis XVI was put on trial by the National Convention and executed Jan 21, 1793.


 2015-02-08  37m

episode 32: 3.27- Advance and Retreat

After the Battle of Valmy the French armies advanced on all fronts. 


 2015-02-16  35m

episode 33: 3.28- Provincial Revolt

In the spring of 1793 revolts against Paris started erupting all over France. Sponsor:  


 2015-03-01  30m

episode 34: 3.29- The Purge of the Girondins

On May 31-June 2, 1793 Paris once again rose in armed insurrection against the national government.


 2015-03-08  32m

episode 35: 3.30- The 250th Episode

Question Time! sponsor link:


 2015-03-16  1h14m

episode 36: 3.31- The Man of Blood Part Deux

In the summer of 1793 the Revolutionaries in Paris were besieged from all sides.


 2015-03-23  34m

episode 37: 3.32- The Committee of Public Safety

In the summer of 1793 a re-organized Committee of Public Safety began to consolidate power.


 2015-03-29  32m

episode 38: 3.33- The Geography of Terror

In the fall of 1793, the French Republic started to gain traction against its enemies. Setting up the stage for the Reign of Terror. sponsor:


 2015-04-06  35m

episode 39: 3.34- Saturn's Children

In October 1793 the Reign of Terror got started with the executions of Marie Antoinette and the Girondins.


 2015-04-13  31m