Roll with Advantage

Roll with Advantage is a tabletop RPG podcast where seven friends sit around a table and play the best game on Earth!

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episode 38: Season 2 - Ep. 38 - Much Needed Arrest

Bad boys, bad boys what cha' gonna do when they come from you...Ban has a run-in with the law. We know he has a silver tongue, but will it be enough to get out of this scrape? Let's find out on this week's Roll With Advantage. Thank you so much for listening! You all are amazing. If you have a moment please rate and review our show. It doesn't take long and means the world to us...



episode 37: Season 2 - Ep. 37 - A Friendly Fight

Those who are adventurers often forget that when in a city or town the Law of the Land is no longer Survival of the Fittest but is instead more bureaucratic in nature. Thank you all so much for listening. Please remember that a comment/review goes an amazingly long way. IT doesn't take much time to do and helps us greatly. Also, come check out our Twitter @dmstabe or our Facebook @TheDmsTable and join in on the conversation...



episode 36: Season 2 - Ep. 36 - Flight

This is an episode you really will not want to miss. Foes become allies to take on threats of a much larger scale. My friends, it's time to Roll With Advantage. Thank you all for being so amazing. Please make sure to go out there and follow @DmsTable on Twitter or @TheDmsTabe on Facebook and say "Hi". You guys are absolutely amazing and keep up the awesome words of kindness. See you out on the internet!



episode 35: Season 2 - Ep. 35 - Grab N' Go

Sometimes a good old fashion Smash N' Grab is all that is needed....and sometimes you need a little more finesse. Thank you all for being so awesome! You guys really are amazing. Please, if you haven't already, share the podcast with friends and leave a review. Also, hit us up on Twitter @DmsTable using #RollWithAdvantage. Thank you again for listening and see you out on the internet!



episode 34: Season 2 - Ep. 34 - Shards from the Past

The past has a way of lingering, sometimes sleeping until disturbed. Many times it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. Find out if The Obsidian Flame heads this warning this week on Roll with Advantage! Thank you so much for listening. You all are amazing people and thank you for sharing us out to all your friends. Follow us on Twitter if you haven't already. We are doing all sorts of cool things on @dmstable. Thank you again for your support and we will see you out on the internet!



episode 33: Season 2 - Ep. 33 - Deep Danger

The fun continues in this week's episode has the party gets fully immersed in Skullport. Thank you so much for listening. Tell all your friends about us and follow us on Twitter @DmsTable or on Facebook @TheDmsTable. Please take a moment and review the show where appropriate. Your opinion matters and it helps others find us as well. Thanks again for listening and we will see you on the Internet!


 2019-06-03  54m

episode 32: Season 2 - Ep. 32 - Skulking in Port

Hidden near Waterdeep is much more than just a subterranean pirate of our heroes' past is back to haunt them. Thank you so much for listening! Do us a favor and leave a comment and/or rating on our show. This helps us out a ton! Wanna shout our names from the rooftops?! Then use #RollWithAdvantage we are @dmstable on Twitter and @TheDmsTable on Facebook. Thanks again for listening and we will see you out on the internet!


 2019-05-28  1h37m

episode 31: Season 2 - Ep. 31 - Sharks in the Water

Roll with Advantage new episode is out! Go get some ear full of awesome. Thank you, everyone, for listening. You guys are absolutely amazing. Please take a second to leave us a comment or review. Also, tell your sweet sweet friends about us. Give us a should out on social media and make sure to use #RollWithAdvantage. On Twitter we are @dmstabe and Facebook we are @TheDmsTable. Thanks again and see you out on the internet!


 2019-05-14  1h8m

episode 30: Season 2 - Ep. 30 - Water Fight

Hey everyone, Season 2 episode 30 is now live! Come take a sweet sweet listen and make sure to tell your friends to do the same. Thank you so much for listening to the show. It means so much to us that your guys care about the characters and the story. If you haven't already, then please leave a comment or a rating, as it helps us get recognized. Also, tell your friends and random strangers about us...but really don't talk to strangers.....


 2019-05-14  1h5m

episode 29: Season 2 - Ep. 29 - Search and Rescue

Creepy caverns and a Search and rescue? Don't miss out on this week's episode. Thank you so much for listening! Please go out and share us with all of your friends and help us grow the show. Hit us up on Twitter @dmstabe or Facebook @theDmsTable and use #RollWithAdvantage and let us know what you think of the show. Better yet, leave a comment on your listening platform. That means a ton to us and helps us get recognized. Thank you all again and see you out on the internet!


 2019-04-29  41m