Roll with Advantage

Roll with Advantage is the Dungeons and Dragons actual-play podcast you didn't know you were looking for. Come join the fun and action as our heroes encounter iconic D&D locations, monsters, and characters.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h10m. Bisher sind 140 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

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episode 10: Season 1 - Ep. 10: Helm's Hold

What do our adventurers hope to find in Helm's Hold? Find out in this week's episode. Love the show? Then help support us. Leave a review, make your voice heard, and tell all the town's people! It is the fastest and easiest way for us to grow, and guess


 2017-07-10  57m

episode 9: Season 1 - Ep. 9: Eviction Notice

The Order is back, serving eviction notices once again. Find out who or what unlucky soul faces our fearless adventurers this week! Love the podcast and want to help it grow in quality and content? Help us out and tell everyone you can about us. Leaving


 2017-07-03  1h11m

episode 8: Season 1 - Ep. 8: Dead to Rights

In this episode, our naive adventurers have a close encounter with the very famous Agatha. Will they make it out alive?! Listen and find out. Wanna help support the podcast? Check out our Patreon page We have a g


 2017-06-26  1h3m

episode 7: Season 1 - Ep. 7: Journey to Conyberry

This week, our heroes are off on a new adventure to help out the town and gain some favor with the people of Phandalin. Remember if you like our actual-play podcast and you wanna help us out, then share our episodes with friends or leave a review and subs


 2017-06-19  1h5m

episode 6: Season 1 - Ep. 6: Exploring the Hidden Dungeon Pt. 2

Got a nice home? Is it a hidden dungeon that lays beneath a nasty abandoned mansion? Welp, not anymore, because the Order has come-a-knockin' and is just looking for a reason to evict. They aren't even sending 30-day notices... Remember if you like our p


 2017-06-11  1h11m

episode 5: Season 1 - Ep. 5: Exploring the Hidden Dungeon Pt. 1

Who knew there would be a dungeon under this dilapidated super ominous building?! Enjoying yourself? Think others would too? Then share us with EVERYONE! Let people know how much you are enjoying the show by telling them all about us.


 2017-06-04  57m

episode 4: Season 1 - Ep. 4: Knock, Knock

The Tresendar Manor looks like a super ominous place, so why not head that way? If your enjoying the podcast then let us know! Rate, Review, and/comment. Word of mouth it the only way people are going to find out about this podcast, so tell everyone your


 2017-05-28  1h5m

episode 3: Season 1 - Ep. 3: Filling up the Ol' Quest Journal

Come along as our adventuring party explores the town of Phandalin and starts to really meet the people of the town. If you are enjoying the show, then let us know! Review, comment and/or subscribe if applicable. Heck if you really wanna let us know what


 2017-05-22  1h9m

episode 2: Season 1 - Ep. 2: Welcome to Phandalin Pt. 2

Well, the folks of Phandalin seem to be nice enough. So then, what is up with these Red Brand ruffians? Let's find out together!! Remember if you are enjoying the show, it goes a long way to share, rate and review, and subscribe. It helps us out a lot.


 2017-05-14  57m

episode 1: Season 1 - Ep. 1: Welcome to Phandalin

In this, the pilot episode of Roll with Advantage, a group of friends sit around the kitchen table and play D&D. Their characters hired by Gundren Rockseeker, and now they have lost him completely. Help us out and share us with your friends, some interne


 2017-05-08  1h7m