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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. We discuss ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

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episode 52: Priming the Listener Pump

Dave talks about supporting listeners comments from a Customer Service stand point. He also points out a hidden trick that "regular" radio uses to get people to call in. Enjoy your holiday (the last 5 in 5 will return next week).  


 2006-09-05  9m

episode 51: This Headset Sounds Like Ass

Dave is using an Altec Lansing AHS302i Headset Microphone and is not really impressed. We also talk about the proper sequence of recording a "post production" show and why.   LAST 5 in 5 Courtest of Chris Christensen of Amateur...


 2006-08-28  15m

episode 50: Enhancing Your Content with Music and Sound Effects

Used appropriately, music and sound effects can really enhance your CONTENT. Dave shares his feelings as he has quit listening to some podcasts as they play "whacky" sound effects over and over (and they don't even tie in with the...


 2006-08-21  13m

episode 49: New Podsafe Music Resource, Marantz MD 600 Review

Dave talks about a new podsafe music resource. It's takes a CD from manufacturing all the way through distribution and its embracing podcasting. (look for the Podcaster sign up in the lower left hand corner). Dave also...


 2006-08-14  16m

episode 48: It's Summer Let's Go Toobin'

Dave interviews Charter Harkins one of the creators of of a cool tool for Podcasters to boost communication, increase search engine searchability and send links via email to a certain time in the mp3 file. Check out this show at...


 2006-08-07  21m

episode 47: Quickly Making Audio Comments Podcast Ready

I walk the listener through adjusting a voicemail comment from a scratchy, noisey sound bite to a smoother sounding clip ready to use. Dave explains some features that are in Sony Sound Forge (Free shipping at Same Day Music ) also Dave is using...


 2006-07-31  14m

episode 46: My Feed Was Hijacked - Interactive Podcasts

Dave explains that after going on someone's show, THEIR podcast was inserted into his Musicians Cooler feed. They re-wrote (hijacked) his RSS file. He exaplains how he fixed it, and reminds everyone to pick good passwords, and to change them...


 2006-07-25  19m

episode 45: Dave Goes Dingy - Podcast Promotion Ideas

Dave has some fun playing with Jason Robertshaw of and trys to find a new opening. Dave discusses an idea that came about in today's School of Podcasting Roundtable (available to members of the School of Podcasting...


 2006-07-17  15m

episode 44: Interview CEO of Voiceindigo John Mayerhofer

Dave interviews  John Mayerhofer the CEO of a service that will help deliver your podcast to phones. Dave mentions a new segment "5 in 5" inspired by Joe of This is where you tell us (not so...


 2006-07-10  19m

episode 43: Podcast Awards - Is Your RSS Validated? SURPRISE!

Dave gets notified about the Podcaster Awards and in checking eligibility discovers his RSS feed is NOT 100% valid. As the deadline is 7/15 you may want to get cracking on validating your feed, and alerting your listeners (that is if you care about...


 2006-07-06  11m