Twenty Thousand Hertz

A lovingly crafted podcast that reveals the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

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episode 112: Sounds Worth Saving

Legendary music archivist Alan Lomax made it his life's work to preserve and promote the sounds of local culture.


 2020-12-09  29m

episode 111: Conlang

From Klingon to Elvish, what makes a good constructed language?


 2020-12-02  30m

episode 110: Space Audity

The mind-boggling technology behind space communication.


 2020-11-18  26m

episode 109: Sonic Utopia

What can we expect the future to sound like, and how can we build a sonic utopia?


 2020-11-11  29m

episode 108: Sound and Silence

The way we each experience sound depends on so many unique factors, from tiny receptors in our ears to the way we were taught to communicate.


 2020-10-28  53m

episode 107: Dies Irae

How a four-note melody from the 13th century became a movie soundtrack superstar.


 2020-10-21  31m

episode 106: Perfect Pitch

What's it like when every sound you hear—from the whir of the coffee grinder to the beep of the microwave—all sound like musical notes?


 2020-10-14  31m

episode 105: Tyrannosaurus FX

The sound design wizardry behind the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, and how these sounds compare to what dinos REALLY sounded like.


 2020-10-07  28m

episode 104: Napster

The stunning rise and fall of Napster, and how it transformed the music industry in a few short years.


 2020-09-30  41m

episode 103: Vocal Discords

A diagnosis of vocal nodes is every singer's worst nightmare. But when nodes develop, is all hope truly lost?


 2020-09-16  26m