Join us each week as we celebrate the auditory glory that is video game music. From 8-bit to modern, we love it all.

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VGMpire 136 – Shadowrun Sessions

Firearms and fantasy collide in this early-90s cyberpunk RPG series. We begin with the SNES original and its Carpenter-meets-Smash-TV soundtrack, then listen to wildly different takes on the Genesis and Mega CD. Three platforms, three completely distinct


 2017-07-05  n/a

VGMpire 135 – Taito Two-fer

As the NES began its march into obscurity, Taito released two solid titles that didn’t get their due attention for several years – Little Samson and Panic Restaurant. Both have great soundtracks, but they’re also nifty little games! Down


 2017-04-12  n/a

VGMpire 134 – Donkey Kong 94

One of the absolute greatest games of all time also sports a peppy, anxious soundtrack. Listen as we gush over this 1994 re-imagining of Nintendo’s oldest rivalry. Download Now   SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Title Screen 08:47 – Big City 11:0


 2017-03-29  n/a

VGMpire 133 – Blaster Master Bonanza

Nearly 30 years old, the Blaster Master series peaked on the NES and spent decades trying to recapture the magic. And part of that game’s success was the incredible soundtrack! Let’s listen to some classic jams and then explore the series̵


 2017-03-15  n/a

VGMpire 132 – Zero Escape Excellence

We discuss the music and mind-bending madness behind 999, Virtue’s Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma. Get ready for catchy dance tunes, light industrial clanging and trippy talks about time travel and morphic fields! Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00


 2017-02-22  n/a

VGMpire 131 – Turok Turns Twenty

The Nintendo 64 didn’t have the third party support of the PlayStation, but Iguana’s Turok series ruled the FPS roost for the platform’s entire life cycle. The 1997 original turns 20 this month, so let’s examine the booming, epic s


 2017-02-08  n/a

VGMpire 130 – Kirby Classics

Before he was made of yarn or a stylus-guided sphere, Kirby ruled the original Game Boy and starred in several console classics. This week we examine Kirby’s pre-2000 era, which includes bubbly tunes from Adventure, Super Star and all three Dream La


 2017-01-25  n/a

VGMpire 129 – Soul Blade Celebration

The Soul Calibur series kicked off 20 years ago with Soul Blade, the PS1 home conversion of arcade hit Soul Edge. This episode we look at Edge and Blade, which have no fewer than THREE official soundtracks to explore. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 ̵


 2017-01-11  n/a

VGMpire 128 – 2016 Year in Review

While there was plenty to dislike about 2016, at least we got several top-notch game soundtracks! Let’s listen to numerous examples of modern VGM excellence, from Doom to Furi to Watch Dogs 2. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Rip & Tear (


 2016-12-21  n/a

VGMpire 127 – Shadow of ICO

The Last Guardian is FINALLY out, and its PS2 predecessors have cast a decade-long shadow over its development. Odds are LG will turn out fine, but as you’ll see from this selection of tunes from ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, it has some big shoes


 2016-12-07  n/a