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Epic Tales - Hikikomori Solo Play Part 2: John has Hope

Cris runs himself through the second part of the solo Hikikomori RPG. Can John with the help of his rescuer find a way out of his hikikomori existence? Or will he be forever lost to the world? Tune in to find out!



Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 38: Our Gang learns that Avilda is a terrible Wife

Our Gang learns about the lengths one person in love will go for another. In the case of Avilda, it really is not that far at all.



Epic Tales - Kult Divinity Lost: True Detective Final Session Part Four

It's all over. The case is solved, although not as the characters would have expected. Can they go back to their normal lives knowing what they know now? Will they? Will Betsy Devos come through with her promised payment? Tune in to find out!



Ben's Awesome Birthday Game

Ben has achieved 30 rotations around the Sun! To celebrate we throw him a special game!



Tavern Ballads - Sunday Dungeons and Dragons: Episode 9

Mike the Half Human GM continues his new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game, played on Sunday of course.



Epic Tales - Hikikomori Solo Play Part 1: Set up and Day 1

Join Cris and only Cris as he solo plays through the very interesting game of Hikikomori, where he role plays a shut in attempting to break out of his shell and discover the wider world.



Epic Tales - Kult Divinity Lost - True Detective the Final Episode Part 3

The veil is torn! The lie that is reality is crumbling. Our characters find themselves faced with the true reality of this world and are in immediate danger. Will their flesh hold out? Will there minds shatter? Tune in to find out.



Tavern Ballads - Star Wars Empire of the Destined Age

A long time ago in a galaxy far aware... The continuation of the Star Wars Force and Destiny campaign!



Epic Tales - Tunnels and Trolls Solo Play: The Death of Groo-loo

Cris runs himself, and only himself through another Tunnels and Trolls solo module. This time around his new favorite goblin Gru-loo finally gets a little too greedy....and dead.



Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 37: Our Gang Makes a Deal with Chaos

Say it aint so! How can our group of great chaos fighters make a deal with what they fight! Alvida will not have it, but luckily she is not about to be making any demands because she is about to become a horrible scorpion chaos monster!