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episode 557: One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olidor: Part Two

It's time for an auction! Can Conner get the shroud with his 15K in gold bars? Will he be outbid? Or will something unfortunate happen, making everything complicated and Conner life miserable.



episode 556: PUNKTOWN - Episode 36: Party Prep

Our Punktowner's have got to get a plan together. A local ultranet star has a rare book they want and it looks like he is going to be throwing a party. Time to dust off the hot dog carts and order more capsaicin for the volcano dog challenge.



episode 555: PUNKTOWN - Episode 35: Bookstore Fun

Our Punktowners are in need of some good ol' fashioned book learning, and a very specific kind of book learning at that. More on the occult side of things if you will. So it's off to the bookstore to enact some felonies.



episode 554: One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olindor: Part One

Conner is back! This time it's off to the auction house to try and procure a rare artifact for a group of collectors. Should be easy enough, right?



episode 553: PUNKTOWN - Episode 34: Tenpenny Gets a Pet

It's another in-between episode! Keeper Cris pulls out the story prompt box and our Punktowners lives get more complicated, except for Tenpenny, whose life gets even better with a new pet!



episode 552: One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part Three

Conner is deep into the castle, but can he find out what is causing this curse and put a stop to it, and will his martial arts prowess be the key to success?


 2021-10-28  1h1m

episode 551: PUNKTOWN - Episode 33: Get the Eye

Our Punktowners know where the object is located and they have a plan, but what could be waiting for them? Come for the green plasma, stay for the mecha-shoggoths.


 2021-10-20  1h7m

episode 550: One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part Two

Conner has made it to the keep and now it is time for some good old fashion exploring, but everyone is still calling him by another name. Can Conner find out what caused this place to seemingly be frozen in time, or will he perish here and become one mor


 2021-10-12  1h8m

episode 549: PUNKTOWN - Episode 32: Aikeet Takes a Short

Our Punktowners have got two jobs to complete, theft and murder respectively, and with all that is going on Aikeet has his eye on the prize. Using every situation to enrich himself further. It is the Punktown way!


 2021-10-05  58m

episode 548: One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part One

Conner is back! This time while helping to officiate a funeral he is tasked with investigating on old keep, with a mysterious past.


 2021-09-29  1h4m