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Solo Quests - Artefact: The Tragic Tale of Doombringer Part 2

The second part of the awesome solo RPG Artefact. In this episode the prophecy around Doombringer comes to fulfillment.



Solo Quests - Artefact: The Tragic Tale of Doombringer

Cris plays the amazing indie solo RPG Artefact, where you tell the tale of a sentient magical item. In the first part of this game we learn about the origins of a magic item that is corrupted by a power mad despot.



Solo Quests - Take Root Perenial Edition

Cris buys a farm and makes some cash to try and go on some dates with a Witch!


 2021-03-17  36m

Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 56: Our Gang in Ghosts Gone Wild!

It's time for Our Gang's favorite Shaman to do what he does best. Possess others and make a huge mess of things.


 2021-03-10  1h53m

Solo Quests: Freeway Fighter

Cris once again dives into a fighting fantasy gamebook. In this one he gets all Mad Max in Freeway Fighter. With his supped up muscle care bristling with weapons this book does not stand a chance! Or, he die pointlessly on a bad roll.


 2021-03-10  25m

PUNKTOWN - Episode 30: We Kill Vinny's Girlfriend

It's time for another in-between episode. In this one vinney's on again off again girlfriend finally confesses her love to Mooch, and things do not go well.


 2021-03-03  35m

Epic Tales - Brans Birthday Game: Capitalism is Great!

It's time for a trial by fire! One of our youngest members tries his hand at GMing a Dungeons and Dragons game for three of the most problematic players around. Will Bran be able to keep things on track or will it all go sideways.


 2021-02-24  2h27m

PUNKTOWN - Episode 29: Welcome to Delta Green

Our Punktowners are in way over their heads now. Secrets are revealed, and they are initiated into a secret organization whose job is to fight existential threats that are apocalyptical in nature. No problem for a bunch of hardened Paxton citizens.


 2021-02-17  1h2m

Kid Games - HeartQuest: Season Finale, aka The Banana Dance

It's time for the big dance! Everyone will be there, but can our high school heroes reunite their shy friend Samantha with her true love, all the while horribly embarrassing their arch nemesis Charlotte? Tune in to find out!


 2021-02-11  1h11m

 2021-02-04  1h8m