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Solo Quests - The Forest of Doom: Part One

Cris and only Cris delves into the fighting fantasy gamebook, The Forest of Doom. Time to find the lost parts to an ancient weapon for some dwarves!



PUNKTOWN - Episode 16: The Crab Arm

Our punktowners have finished another case, and now it is time for an upgrade! It just so happens that Dr. Clock's budget clinic can help our heroes out with a much needed limb upgrade.



Tavern Ballads - Runequest: Episode 51 Quin loses another leg

It was bound to happen. I mean it is the destiny of Our Gang, to ensure that Quin never has a full set of limbs.



Solo Quests - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Part Two

Mazes are the worst. Join Cris and only Cris as he continues on toward the center of Firetop Mountain. Again, Mazes are the absolute worst.



PUNKTOWN - Episode 15: Finding the Kid

Our Punktowners have found out where the kid is, with some cult on the outskirts of Paxton. The problem though is how to get him out of there. Aikeet's food delivery service to the rescue!


 2020-06-09  2h41m

Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 50: Our Gang gets out of the hole

Our Gang is so deep in the hole, literally, it is going to be a hard time getting out. Will Our Gang be up to the challenge? Or will this wet slick hole be their tomb?


 2020-06-09  2h36m

Tavern Ballads - Conan 2d20: Session 6

Tavern Ballads - Conan 2d20: Session 6


 2020-06-02  3h4m

Solo Quests - Firetop Mountain: Part 1

Cris and only Cris delves back into the fighting fantasy gamebook series with the first book ever written, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Can his lucky character make it to the end? Or will this all end in some awful pit trap. Tune in to find out!


 2020-06-02  1h24m

Tavern Ballads - Conan 2d20: Episode 5

Brett continues his Conan game using the 2D20 system.


 2020-05-26  2h52m

PUNKTOWN - Episode 14 The Volcano Hot Dog

Our punktowners are still looking into the missing case of a missing child, which leads them to a small time gang of thugs. Now if there was someway to distract them, perhaps with a food challenge from Aikeet's food truck.


 2020-05-26  1h8m