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Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 40: Our Gang Fights the Broo

Our Gang faces a threat that we have faced many times before! Our "arch" enemy the broo! Will we survive? Can Quin get more kills for his Broo kill count? Tune in to find out!



Solo Quests - Risus: Ring of Thieves

Cris runs himself, and only himself through a solo scenario for the Risus RPG System. In it he plays a halfling thief whose partner has been kidnapped. Will he get her back, or will this once again end in tears?



Tavern Ballads - Princes of the Apocalypse Episode 1

Alex once again sits down in the DM chair to run his 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game Princes of the Apocalypse



Epic Tales - Our Unnamed GM Podcast: Episode 2

Matt and Cris once again sit down for another episode of our GM Podcast show, yet to be named! In this episode we talk tax time, preferably our new Bard Tax!



Tavern Ballads - Sunday Dungeons and Dragons: Episode 11

Mike the Half Human GM continues his new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game, played on Sunday of course.



Solo Quests - The Last Man

Cris runs himself through a solo rpg where he plays a survivor of an apocalypse swarming with monsters. Will he survive? Can he find a cure for the disease causing these horrible transformations? Tune in to find out.



Star Wars Empire of the Destined Age

A long time ago in a galaxy far aware... The continuation of the Star Wars Force and Destiny campaign!



Epic Tales - Our Untitled GM Podcast Show: Episode 1

Cris and Matt start a brand new GM podcast talk show. It's our first episode, and we haven't even chosen a name yet (suggestions are welcome!). In this episode Matt asks the tough questions, mainly why is it that Cris's characters are always insane.



Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 39: Our Gang Gets a New Member, Troll Dad

Our Gang is low on meat, er I mean companions. Luckily for us we've got a brand new member willing to go the extra mile, Troll Dad!


 2019-04-18  2h50m

Epic Tales - Scarlet Heroes: Silver Bells

Join Cris and Emily for the second session of our Scarlet Heroes game. This time it's all about the bells, silver bells to be precise.


 2019-04-18  49m