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A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly retro gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob @ We cover classic video games, retro news and topics and interview industry legends.

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episode 28: Video Game Music (VGM) Loves... And Quiz!

It's about time we talked about retro video game music. Keith kicks us off with his favourite VGM soundtracks and what makes them special for him, which then leads to a heated discussion (almost leading to fisticuffs - hmm maybe), finishing with a VGM qu...


 2017-09-09  1h5m

episode 27: Obscure SNES Titles - The Firemen & Demon's Crest

Adrian and Keith talk us through their favourite obscure SNES games. Adrian brings the sprawling map "shooter" The Firemen to the table whilst Keith tells us all about the platform japes in Demon's Crest. Please also consider subscribing to the Arcade At...


 2017-09-02  45m

episode 26: Bubsy & Bubsy 3D - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Quite a lot as it turns out... Dylan subjects the AA crew to an hour and a half of Bubsy "goodness", looking back at all of his console adventures, the legendary cartoon pilot and of course (what we thought was the nail in the coffin) Bubsy 3D. Please al...


 2017-08-26  1h33m

episode 25: Dino Crisis - Better Than Resident Evil?

Has Dylan finally lost the plot? Here he "treats" us to a rundown of all three (yes, three) Dino Crisis games, tells us what made (some of) it good, how it went horribly wrong and whether if done right, this could have been bigger than Resident Evil. Nee...


 2017-08-19  1h17m

episode 24: We Love Katamari

Do we love Katamari? You betcha bottom dollar we do! Adrian talks about his love for the game, how he ruined a perfectly good PS1 game in the course of enjoying said game, and also where the series could have gone (we're guessing in a big ball the size o...


 2017-08-12  48m

episode 23: Resident Evil 2 - The Best Survival Horror Game Ever Made?!

Quite possibly (in our Dylan's eyes) the best Resident Evil game ever made, whch is no mean feat given the (approx) 1,000,000 games in the franchise. Here we look at what makes the game so special for us, pick out its best bits and enjoy some of that oh ...


 2017-08-06  1h8m

episode 22: Retro Gaming and Bars?

Rob talks us through the current craze of matching retro gaming with booze - is it a good idea? What would make it better? Is it going to stick around? Honourable mentions to the Four Quarters, Heart of Gaming and Pixel Alley. Please also consider subscr...


 2017-07-30  34m

episode 21: Half-Life & Counter-Strike

Two games that laid the groundwork for current FPS games and hold a special place in our hearts. Adrian takes us through the Half-Life games, Counter-Strike and what made them important. Interspersed with music from the games for your enjoyment. http://w...


 2017-07-23  1h0m

episode 13: Meet Arcade Attack!

Yes that is a Subbuteo t-shirt I'm wearing! Embarrassing photo aside we thought it'd be nice in our 20th podcast to tell you a bit about how we got here. No, not our bad life decisions but what gaming consoles we grew up with, what ones we're filling our...


 2017-07-15  1h36m

episode 12: Atari Jaguar CD & Black Ice/White Noise - The Most Ambitious Game Never Released!

Adrian tells the story of the ill-fated Atari Jaguar peripheral and an unreleased game that could have changed the world... Check out this and more at Please also consider subscribing to the Arcade Attack Retro Gaming podcast on yo...


 2017-07-09  46m