Roll for Trainwreck

We are a group of players that get together once a week for tabletop gaming, recorded as actual plays for your listening pleasure. Staying on the rails is viewed more as a suggestion than an actual rule for us. Mature and Immature content ahead: you have been warned.

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episode 146: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 18

Now back from Alaska, our scattered Agents have one last task to deal with: Pete. Down to just the final three living original members, a frantic investigation begins. Will they bring Pete back? Is there a happy ending left for anyone?


 2020-05-16  3h18m

episode 145: Red Markets - E-Motors - A Medical Score

After the way the last job ended, our group of intrepid Takers decides to head out on a Score of their own choosing. For this, they're on their way to the local hospital in downtown Houston, hoping to find some quality medical supplies or equipment to se...


 2020-05-09  3h11m

episode 144: Timewatch - A Magician Never Reveals

Welcome back to Timewatch! This time the mission has to deal with a series of strange incidents related to the magicians throughout history disappearing only to return later, having been attacked and with no memory of the assault. Can our agents find the...


 2020-05-02  3h31m

episode 143: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 17

Part 2 of the mission in Alaska! The entire crew is here, split into two teams in an attempt to take the mission on with utilizing the best of everyone's skillsets. There's no way this could backfire, at all... Agents Milton and Turner can be trusted to ...


 2020-04-25  3h0m

episode 142: Timewatch - The Best Armed Arm

Welcome to Time Watch! Here a delightful group of agents (consisting of a Historian, a Cybernetisist, a Pirate, and a.....caveman?) are sent out on a mission going back through time to the days of the Wild, Wild West! Something strange has happened, alte...


 2020-04-18  3h21m

episode 141: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 16

After the last day at work that left us trusting each other even less, the group is given a new mission from Pete. We'll be heading North..... waaaay North.... to go undercover and 'extract' a woman from an island that may or may not currently be under c...


 2020-04-11  2h59m

episode 140: Red Markets - E-Motors - Reality TV: Celebrity Zombies

The Taker group S.A.S.S. is back at it again, taking some time to deal with their gallery (and each other) before heading out on the next in this series of unusual jobs. This time the job giver is an even more unusual person than their previous clients, ...


 2020-04-04  3h20m

episode 139: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 15

With most of the group's secrets out on the table now, our Agents must find a way to continue their lives and work. Strangely enough, sharing secrets does not seem to foster much trust.Can the group still work together, or will someone turn on the other...


 2020-03-28  4h34m

episode 138: Red Markets - E-Motors - The Shepherd

This time our intrepid group of Takers are visited by a job-giver from another Enclave. One of his own has gone missing, and he comes bearing a plea for him to be found and brought home safely, if possible.Has the lost sheep become a casualty, or is som...


 2020-03-21  3h49m

episode 137: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 14

Trespassers dealt with, now our group of Agents has something perhaps more challenging to deal with. Some of the Agents return to work, armed with knowledge about the ticking time bomb amongst them. Can they share this knowledge?Will someone just make t...


 2020-03-14  3h28m