On A Roll

The On A Roll podcast focuses on better storytelling, better playing and better community through the belief that the only way to win an RPG is to have fun, so Ryan, Carie and Jason are sharing their experiences to help you spend more time winning! Join the Curmudgeon, the Legend and the Favorite as they talk about tabletop gaming, LARPing, MUSHing and keeping your investment in check. Join us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/groups/onarollpodcast) and let us know your thoughts on the show, gaming and having more fun! If you like the show, help support our production and keep us going by supporting On A Roll on Patreon. (http://patreon.com/onarollpodcast)


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episode 209: Burnout!

What happens when you get burned out? The Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend try to figure out the signs of gaming burnout and what causes it. It's up to Carie, Jason and Ryan to come up with ways to avoid and treat player and storytelling burnout on this week's episode!



episode 208: Plot Building

What does the process of plot building sound like? This week, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend pull back the curtain on a storyteller meeting. Carie, Jason and Ryan craft a plot for a game off the cuff to demonstrate the process!



episode 207: Josh Heath on Snowhaven

Josh Heath from High Level Games joins the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend to talk about the current tabletop RPG on Kickstarter, Snowhaven. Carie, Jason and Ryan learn all about snow-punk, the process of producing an indie RPG and the fascinating world of pistol-packing yetis!



episode 206: Live! from Con Nooga!

Con Nooga, the multi-fandom convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee, asked the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend to help host panels and record an episode live during the con. Carie, Jason and Ryan answered questions and gave gaming advice to attendees in this week's episode!



Episode 205: Matthew, Zak and Other Pieces of Shit

After an exhausting week, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend talk about the gross monsters in the RPG industry. Carie, Jason and Ryan tackle the controversies and consider what we as gamers can and should do now!


 2019-02-21  1h6m

Episode 204: Sandboxes and Narratives

This week, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend take a cue from a listener and discuss the differences between running a sandbox-style game and a narrative-driven game. Carie, Jason and Ryan take a look at the pros and cons, and what they prefer!


 2019-02-14  57m

Episode 203: Engagement vs. Immersion

After attending a new local game with lots of costuming, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend talk about the difference between engagement and immerision, and how both are achieved. Carie, Jason and Ryan work out the pros and cons of them both, and they try to figure out which is more important!


 2019-02-07  1h6m

Episode 202: Sensitivity Editing

After a viscious thread in a Facebook group, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend tackle the important topic of sensitivity editing in gaming. Carie, Jason and Ryan try to navigate the angry distance between the "Get Woke Go Broke" and the "Social Justice Warrior" crowds and figure out sensitivity in game design!


 2019-01-31  1h0m

Episode 201: Running The End

It's the first episode of season two! Since it's the beginning of our new season, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend talk about endings. Carie, Jason and Ryan explore the reasons and requirements for ending a story and the benefits and drawbacks of doing so!


 2019-01-23  1h0m

Episode 131: Do We Even Need Experience Points?

There's a lot of talk about experience points lately, so the Favorite asks the Curmudgeon and the Legend what the point of XP is. Carie, Jason and Ryan discuss the problems and benefits of XP, why we have it and why it's such a contentious topic on our final episode of season one!


 2018-12-06  1h4m