On A Roll

The On A Roll podcast focuses on better storytelling, better playing and better community through the belief that the only way to win an RPG is to have fun, so Ryan, Carie and Jason are sharing their experiences to help you spend more time winning! Join the Curmudgeon, the Legend and the Favorite as they talk about tabletop gaming, LARPing, MUSHing and keeping your investment in check. Join us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/groups/onarollpodcast) and let us know your thoughts on the show, gaming and having more fun! If you like the show, help support our production and keep us going by supporting On A Roll on Patreon. (http://patreon.com/onarollpodcast)


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h2m. Bisher sind 105 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 4 days 17 hours 14 minutes


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episode 403: Exploring The Gun Belt

The Curmudgeon steps away from hosting to talk about his forthcoming tabletop RPG, The Gun Belt! The Favorite and the Legend talk to Ashley Raburn and Ryan about alien and robot cowboys riding dinosaurs in an interstellar Wild West!


 June 30, 2022  1h6m

episode 402: New Players

Carie, Jason and Ryan talk about the challenge of welcoming new players to your gaming group. They discuss the typical ways new players often behave, and how to make sure they get involved and enjoy the game! Join the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend as they explore New Players!


 May 11, 2022  57m

episode 401: The Story of Grapevine

In the season four premiere of On A Roll, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend return with guest Adam Cerling. Adam created the infamous larp character database software Grapevine, used around the world for more than two decades as the standard for running World of Darkness larps. Carie, Jason and Ryan learn the story of how Grapevine came to be, and the tale of Adam's new project – an indie larp called Storywild!


 May 28, 2021  57m

episode 330: The Hero's Journey

The Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend explore the twelve steps to greater story telling. Carie, Jason and Ryan take a deep dive into the monomyth structure of The Hero's Journey!


 February 11, 2021  1h11m

episode 329: Memories of Gaming

Episode 329: Memories of Gaming After an extensive sick leave, Carie, Jason and Ryan return to answer listeners' questions about our past gaming experiences!


 December 4, 2020  1h11m

episode 328: Building a Gaming Org

In this double-length episode, the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend talk about what they've learned from being administrators of national larp organizations. Carie, Jason and Ryan then build a hypothetical org for The Gun Belt!


 October 20, 2020  1h58m

episode 327: Shooting Genre From Canons

Josh Heath joins the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend to talk about genre and canon. Carie, Jason, Ryan and Josh try to define what they are before talking about how they're different, the importance of enforcing them, and if your game even needs them!


 October 2, 2020  1h12m

episode 326: Good Strong Hands

Craig Campbell from NerdBurger Games came by to tell the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend about his new game, Good Strong Hands. Carie, Jason and Ryan learn about this fun new game based loosely on The Neverending Story!


 September 25, 2020  1h12m

episode 325: Find a DM on CRAWLR

Jackie Zantow-Schwartz joins Ryan, Jason and Carie to tell the story of CRAWLR, the web-based social network she created that connects gamers with one another. It's like TindR, but for Clerics!


 September 10, 2020  1h1m

episode 324: Ryan Asks A Question

Jason's finished his surgery, so we're back! This week, Ryan made a list of fun questions about our experiences in gaming. With no preparation, Ryan asks Carie and Jason all sorts of things about games, players, locations, game lines and more!


 September 4, 2020  1h15m