Podcasters' Roundtable

Discussing the issues that face podcast producers and podcasting. Each Roundtable features a new podcaster from the community of viewers listeners. We talk less about the 'how-to' and more about the 'why.' You'll learn how to improve your podcast through the shared experience of other podcasters.


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PR018 – When Not to Start a Podcast

When is choosing to start a podcast the wrong decision? - Have you heard that you need a podcast or that podcasting is the hottest thing going and you want to start your own? Have you asked yourself if a podcast is really the best way to spend your li...


 2013-10-03  1h7m

PR017 – Modifying Past Episodes

Have you ever considered deleting an old podcast episode or updating it because the information was now out of date? Perhaps you've been asked to take an old episode out of your library because the information is now wrong. What would you do? -


 2013-09-20  1h8m

PR016 – Podcasting is “Back?”

Is podcasting making a comeback? Did it ever really falter? - The raw numbers tell us podcast viewers have grown every year since it's inception in 2004 so why are we increasly hearing that podcasting is back?


 2013-08-19  1h8m

PR015 – Podcast Media Hosting

If you have a podcast or want to start one you're going to need a place to host your audio and/or video files. On this Round we'll be asking, where do you host your podcast media and why? - When choosing where to host your podcast files you have plent...


 2013-07-19  1h13m

PR014 – Finding an Audience in a Small Niche

Can a podcast niche be too small? How do you find an audience in a niche that isn't very big? - Watch myself (Ray Ortega) along with +Daniel J. Lewis, +Cynthia Sanchez, +Jason Nagy, +Joseph Polk, and +Peter Lamb talk about podcasting to a small niche ...


 2013-06-23  1h15m

PR013 – Dealing with Negative Feedback

Ever receive a negative comment regarding your podcast? How did it feel? How did you respond? - Certainly, if you've been podcasting for any significant amount of time there's no doubt that indeed you've received a negative iTunes review,


 2013-06-05  1h26m

PR012 – What Do You Call Your Podcast?

  - The term podcast has a specific meaning and if you have a show (audio or video) that you post to an RSS feed, congrats you have a podcast. - But what do you call it? If not a podcast then what? A show, internet broadcast, netcast,


 2013-05-06  1h12m

PR011 – Podcast Purchase Decisions

  - What gear, software and services would you purchase if you were starting your first podcast? - Find out what experienced podcasters +David Jackson  +Daniel J. Lewis  +Jeffrey Bradbury  and myself (Ray Ortega) would purchase if we were starting ou.


 2013-04-20  1h22m

PR010 – Podcasting “Success” with Pat Flynn

What defines success in podcasting? Is it subscribers, downloads, website traffic, money or something else? - Watch/listen to +Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast along with +Daniel J.


 2013-03-30  1h16m

PR009 – When to Start Another Podcast?

How do you know when it's time to add another podcast to your lineup? - We discuss some of the things to consider when thinking about starting another show as well as our opinions about when is the right time for adding a new podcast. -


 2013-03-06  1h4m