Podcasters' Roundtable

Discussing the issues that face podcast producers and podcasting. Each Roundtable features a new podcaster from the community of viewers listeners. We talk less about the 'how-to' and more about the 'why.' You'll learn how to improve your podcast through the shared experience of other podcasters.


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PR005 – Podcasting Pet Peeves

On this Round, I talk to six podcasters (the largest Roundtable to date) about their podcasting pet peeves. Those things they see other podcasters doing that frustrate them. We also talk about things we've done wrong with our own podcasts and how we fi...


 2012-11-15  1h9m

PR004 – What’s Going on with FeedBurner?

Over the last year several changes have been made to Feedburner including twitter feed shut downs, deprecation of API's, the loss of the .jp domain and a failure of the statistics system. - All of this led to a perfect storm of fear that the core serv...


 2012-10-05  1h0m

PR003 – The Future of Podcasting

Rob Greenlee, Steven Lee, Daniel J. Lewis and Ray Ortega discuss where podcasting has been, is now and where it's headed in the future.


 2012-09-05  1h12m

PR002 – Processing Your Podcast’s Audio

A live discussion about processing your podcast's audio with hardware and/or software. - We discuss if this is a necessary step or just something audiophiles enjoy. - Roundtable guests for round two: David Jackson, Mike Phillips,


 2012-08-10  57m

PR001 – Control and Ownership of Your Podcast

How much of your podcast do you own? - Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, Daniel J. Lewis and Mike Dell to discuss taking as much control over your show as possible whether you're using WordPress, Libsyn, Feedburner,


 2012-07-27  53m