Titansgrave Podcast

A writer, a producer, a writer, a composer, a lawyer, and a software developer get together and drink, eat pizza, and play a tabletop RPG. We play a tabletop RPG called Taitansgrave, similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but very different at the same time. Titansgrave is set in Valkana. Valkana is a world where science and magic are both powerful forces. You can see hover cars and dragons race through the sky, and cyborgs and golems battle in the streets.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h14m. Bisher sind 37 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 1 day 23 hours 47 minutes


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Titansgrave – Episode 6- Tick, Tick, Tick STFU DJ

Half of the adventurers wake half naked and strapped to a table with mechanical arms above them coming down to Transform them. The Sky Side Stronghold appears to be no joke. What will the adventures do? Have questions, comments, just want to share Tit


 2016-03-03  2h9m

Titansgrave – Episode 5: Planes, Stains, and Automatons

This week the adventurers head to the Skyside Strong hold to retrieve the Staff of Forlorn Hope for the mysterious Voss. What dangerous await them in this ancient flying fortress? They don’t know, so they’re gonna shop first. #TGPodcast and @Titan


 2016-02-25  2h21m

Titansgrave – Episode 4: The Smoldering Manhole

The adventuring group travels through the undergrounds of Nestora to avoid detection and meet the mysterious person named Voss


 2016-02-18  2h40m

Titansgrave – Episode 3: Nestora

The adventuring group finally makes it to Nestora in hopes of finding out what this mysterious orb that they carry around is.


 2016-02-11  2h3m

Titansgrave Episode 2 Adventures in Beer Core Remastered

The adventurers make it one step closer to Nestora. But who can pass up the Beer Barons personal invitation into Brew Core?


 2016-02-04  1h48m

 2016-01-27  1h20m

Titansgrave Podcast Episode 0 – Introdution to the world of Valkana

In this episode I go over the history of Valkana and go over the basic gameplay for a tabletop role playing game.


 2016-01-01  10m