Common Sense with Dan Carlin

Common Sense with Dan Carlin is an independent look at politics and current events from popular New Media personality Dan Carlin. Carlin's self-described "Martian" viewpoints infuse each episode with a political alien's take on the world around us and the problems it faces. It's a smart, unique (and admittedly U.S.-centric) program that doesn't dumb down the information or analysis for the slowest person in the room. Carlin's rapid-fire staccato voice has been compared to William Shatner after too many espressos. That, plus his penchant for making everyone in the audience mad at him eventually, makes for a witch's brew of a podcast that is not for everyone. But for those craving a deeper intellectual analysis, a less partisan approach and unpredictable outside-the-box revelations, Common Sense with Dan Carlin is a feast for the mind.

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Show 290 - The Illusion of Control

The ideas of secrecy, democracy, special interests and international trade deals are interwoven into this episode that uses the negotiations over two upcoming international trade agreements to highlight current trends.


 2015-03-29  50m

Show 289 - Overdue Analysis

Dan has a couple of issues he's been meaning to get to...a bit about guns, a bit about Marijuana, a bit about everyone's Intolerable Oppression limits. He offers a bit of popcorn analysis on all of them.


 2015-03-10  52m

Show 288 - Re-heating the Cold War

World tensions spike as the situation in Ukraine seems capable of boiling over into a larger conflict between Russia and the West. Dan blames hubris and political short-sightedness


 2015-02-21  1h3m

Show 287 - Black&White Questions with Cigarettes

The subject of Income Inequality is shaping up to be a major political issue in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Dan has a few thoughts on the subject along with a ton of questions.


 2015-02-01  1h9m

Show 286 - Dissin' & Dueling

Terrorists kill employees of a French magazine for perceived offenses against Islam. The attack highlights a clash of cultures over the limits of Free Expression. Dan examines the motivations and responses involved.


 2015-01-14  59m

Show 285 - Torturing our Values

Was torture an effective tool in the War on Terror? As legislators in Washington debate the point, Dan stands up for timeless American values. Also: New deadly police encounters spawn more Ferguson-style protests.


 2014-12-14  55m

Show 284 - Topic Overload

Too many things are going on for Dan to keep up. Midterm elections, Mexican violence, survivalist snipers and Taylor Swift's compensation for artists campaign overload this episode.


 2014-11-19  55m

Show 283 - Summoning the Demon

This show has something to interest everyone. That is, as long as you are interested in Ebola or Artificial Intelligence. But who isn't?


 2014-10-31  52m

Show 282 - Kickstarting the Revolution

Maybe it's the cold medicine, but Dan is in one of his Unify the Electorate moods. He ties a lot into it too. The Internet, Romans, Greeks, Cocaine, corruption and an unvarnished view of reality all play a part. But the cold medicine's there too.


 2014-10-13  1h17m

Show 281 - Controlling the Past

George Orwell famously wrote that "he who controls the past controls the future". In this show Dan deals with the question of political and ideological culture wars on the teaching of history in K-12 education.


 2014-09-24  52m