Plot Points

Plot Points is a monthly podcast which discusses table-top role-playing games and their supplements as literature. Our quirky panel discusses games old and new, spotlights innovations in the hobby, and links to literature.

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A Revolutionary RPG: Bluebeard's Bride- Ep.186

Bluebeard's Bride turns one of the core assumptions of RPGs on its head: All the players control only one character. The game is radical, fresh, new, and the Plot Points gang takes a deep dive between its covers in this week's episode. Click to...


 2020-04-10  24m

Going to Hell with D&D or Chapter Delving Descent into Avernus- Ep.185

The Plot Points gang continues looking at Descent into Avernus chapter-by-chapter. This week, we visit Baldur's Gate, and then descend into the pit itself! Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on...


 2020-04-03  1h0m

A Look at the White Wolf of Old- Ep. 184

Bill Bridges worked on some of the most phenomenal game products of the 1990s at White Wolf, and he's back with a for a new edition of Fading Suns, the far-future RPG of sci-fi passion!  Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter...


 2020-03-26  39m

Is the Game Industry Recession-Proof? A Look at the Business of RPGs with Micheal Parker- Ep. 183

Peek behind the curtain at the stores and supply chains that make the RPG industry run with Micheal Parker of ACD Distribution. How did the industry weather the '08 recession? How does the RPG industry look on the sales side? Find out! Ben’s book on...


 2020-03-20  54m

Monte Cook Kickstarts Longest RPG Book Ever Written by a Single Author- Ep. 182

Ptolus was the home campaign Monte Cook ran while designing 3rd edition D&D. Brimming with brilliant fodder for the gaming table, it quickly sold out and became an item for the collector's market. Now, Monte Cook Games is Kickstarting a new...


 2020-03-12  55m

Nerf Battles and the FBI at TSR- Ep 181

Once upon a time, the TSR offices were in downtown Lake Geneva in an old hotel. These are the stories of that building.  Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on DriveThruRPG.  to pick up this essential volume!...


 2020-03-06  11m

Nick Cage's Colour Out of Space: A Review- Ep. 180

An academic, a game professional, and your host gather to review Richard Stanley's latest effort, an HP Lovecraft adaptation: The Colour Out of Space starring Nicholas Cage! Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on...


 2020-02-20  53m

Appendix N University- "The Colour Out of Space" by HP Lovecraft- Ep. 179

How did HP Lovecraft's "Colour Out of Space" influence gaming? Academic Scott Bruner, Chaosium stalwart Jim Lowder, and host Ben Riggs gather to discuss!  Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on...


 2020-02-13  1h0m

Is the RPG Business Bubble About to Burst? Ep. 178

The RPG business has been growing like gangbusters since the Great Recession. Recent numbers from Diamond Comics and Kickstarter provoke a question: Is that growth coming to an end? Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on...


 2020-02-06  44m

Explore the Vampire New Blood Starter Pack- Ep. 177

Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition tries to re-start and re-introduce itself to the gaming community with the . Designed for gaming novices, the product tries to introduce the player to the system, setting, and gaming itself. A hard task. Does it...


 2020-02-01  1h13m