The Irish Passport

Described as "brilliant" by the Guardian and "peerless" by Slugger O'Toole, The Irish Passport has smashed into international podcast charts with its fun blend of Irish current affairs with the history and culture needed to understand them. Presented by journalist Naomi O'Leary and lecturer Tim Mc Inerney, it's your passport to Ireland.


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Episode 1: The Border

What will happen to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit? We discuss how Britain has ignored this problem, and speak to ordinary people on the border about their lives and their fears about any hardening of the border. Naomi repor


 2017-04-03  42m

Bonus Halfpint: Countdown to “No-Deal” Chaos

There’s a shift in the air. The British government looks set to pursue a crash-out, “No-Deal” Brexit. Meanwhile, the Irish government has started to accept that this would mean a hard border on the island. Is disaster becoming unavoidab


 1970-01-01  51m

S3 Episode 6: Why can’t all Irish citizens vote?

Irish law in an international outlier in its restrictions on where its its citizens can vote. The franchise is limited to those resident inside the boundaries of the 26 counties of the republic, with almost no provision for early, postal or overseas voti


 1970-01-01  58m