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[We have episodes in German and English] How do scientists uncover phenomena and explain their connections? How do engineers design machines, methods and infrastructure? At omega tau, experts give detailed answers. Over the last ten years, we have produced 300 episodes in which we dug deeper, until we ran out of questions. Join us on our journey through the world of science and engineering: the closer you look and listen, the more interesting things get.

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023 – Ares Orion and Small Satellites at NASA Ames

This is the third and final episode covering the interviews I did when I was visiting NASA Ames. It consits of two interviews. The first one is about Ames' involvement in the Ares/Orion projects which are part of the Constellation moon/mars explorat[...]


 2010-01-01  59m

022 – Nuclear Fusion at MPI für Plasmaphysik

This episode covers my visit to the Max Plack Institut for Plasmaphysik where I spent a couple of hours with Matthias Reich talking about nuclear fusion. The episode has three parts. In part one we talk about the scienfic and physical basics of nucl[...]


 2009-12-15  1h44m

021 – Space Mission Control at ESA’s ESOC

This episode covers my visit at the European Space Agency's (ESA) European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt,Germany. After a short tour of the facilities with Andreas Schepers I had the chance to interview Uwe Feucht (Head of Flight Dynam[...]


 2009-11-22  1h43m

020 – Die Baustelle des Gotthard Basistunnels

Diese Episode behandelt unseren Besuch beim Gotthard Basistunnel. Ende Juli hatten wir dort die Gelegenheit uns die Tunnelbaustelle in Faido anzuschauen und uns mit einer Reihe Mitarbeitern zu unterhalten: Albert Schmid, Leiter Bauleitung Faido, J[...]


 2009-10-31  1h52m

019 – The Vertical Motion Simulator at NASA Ames

This episode is a conversation with Bimal Aponso (branch chief for the Aerospace Simulation Research and Development Branch) about the NASA Vertical Motion Simulator at Ames. The VMS is the world's largest flight simulator, and provides unrivaled re[...]


 2009-10-13  51m

018 – Astrobiology at the NASA Astrobiology Institute

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Carl Pilcher, the director of the NASA Astrobiology Insititute at NASA Ames Research Center. The conversation comes in two parts. Part one covers the conceptual basics of astrobiology and life: what is life, w[...]


 2009-09-20  48m

017 – Roboter

Diese Episode ist ein Gespräch mit Peter Dürr und Markus Waibel vom Robots Podcast über Robotik. Wir sprechen unter anderem über die Historie des Begriffs, die unterschiedlichen Wahrnehmung des Konzepts Roboter in unterschiedlichen Kulturen, de[...]


 2009-09-09  31m

016 – Radio Astronomy and the ALMA Telescope

This episode is a discussion about radio astronomy and the ALMA observatory with ESO's Robert Laing, the European instrument scientist for ALMA. The episode has three parts. The first part talks about the science of radio astronomy: current challeng[...]


 2009-08-10  1h33m

015 – Forschung und Entwicklung bei der Deutschen Flugsicherung

In dieser Episode geht's um Flugsicherung. Dieses Frühjahr hatte ich die Gelegenheit, die Deutsche Flugsicherung in Langen besuchen und mich dort mit Stephan Herr und Michael Teichmann zu unterhalten, beide arbeiten bei der Forschung und Entwicklung[...]


 2009-07-12  1h20m

014 – Schokoladenherstellung bei Ritter Sport

Besuch bei Ritter Sport, wo wir die Schokoladenherstellung besichtigten. Anschließend sprachen wir mit Herrn Steimer und Herrn Dr. Rohse über die Zutaten, den Herstellungsprozess, verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen und die Entwicklung neuer Sorten.


 2009-06-14  40m