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episode 191: 191 - Livewired

In this episode we sit down with neuroscientist David Eagleman to learn how brains turn noise into signal, chaos into order, electrical spikes into meaning, and how new technology can expand subjective reality in ways never before possible. In his new book, Livewired, Eagleman explores how brains come into the world "half baked" so they can create reality itself out of the inputs and experiences available...



episode 190: 190 - Learned Helplessness (rebroadcast)

Stuck in a bad situation, even when the prison doors are left wide open, we sometimes refuse to attempt escape. Why is that? In this episode learn all about the strange phenomenon of learned helplessness and how it keeps people in bad jobs, poor health, terrible relationships, and awful circumstances despite how easy it might be to escape any one of those scenarios with just one more effort...



episode 189: 189 - The Vaccine

In this episode, we ask experts on vaccines, epidemiology, psychology, neuroscience, and science communication how we created so much confusion about masks and social distancing and how we can avoid that so we can best encourage people to get vaccinated when the COVID-19 vaccine is ready for public distribution. We also learn exactly what it will take to make that vaccine and when it will likely arrive. - Show notes at: - Become a patron at: www.patreon...



188 - The Happiness Lab (rebroadcast)

In this episode, we welcome Yale psychologist Laurie Santos who discusses her new podcast, The Happiness Lab which explores how wrong and misguided we can be when we pursue the things we think will make us happy or avoid the things that we think will make us sad. Based on the psychology course she teaches at Yale - the most popular class in the university’s 300-year history - The Happiness Lab is a tour of the latest scientific research into what does and does not make us happy...


 2020-09-06  1h7m

episode 187: 187 - Bad Habits (rebroadcast)

In this episode, Dr. Jud Brewer, a neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist, discusses bad habits and how to change them. He is the author of The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphones to Love -- Why We Get Hooked and how We Can Break Bad Habits -- and his TED Talk on how to change a bad habit has more than 12 million views. But...we talk about so many other things in this episode. It's a free association smorgasbord of brain stuff that will rattle your head...


 2020-08-24  1h13m

episode 186: 186 - Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (rebroadcast)

In Lori Gottlieb's new book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, she opens with a quote from James Baldwin that reads, "Nothing is more desirable than to be released from an affliction, but nothing is more frightening than to be divested of a crutch." In this episode, we talk about therapy, how it works, the misconceptions around it, and how people go from resisting change to embracing the behaviors required to alter their own thoughts and feelings when stuck in destructive, unhealthy loops...


 2020-08-10  41m

episode 185: 185 - Masks

In this episode we explore the psychology behind why some people don't want to wear masks, why they get angry at the idea, and why they sometimes take to the streets and city council meetings to voice that anger. Four guests help us to understand how masks, during a the COVID-19 pandemic, became politicized and what we can learn from this going forward to help prevent a similar reaction when it comes time to convince to public they should get vaccinated.


 2020-07-28  1h31m

episode 184: 184 - The Blind Spots Between Us

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, a disaster-avoidance expert who has spent more than 20 years training businesses how to de-bias themselves.  He is the author for Never Trust Your Gut and he is here to talk about his new book The Blind Spots Between Us.


 2020-07-13  1h13m

episode 183: 183 - Black Lives Matter

In this episode, members of the Association of Black Psychologists gather in a roundtable discussion to explore Black Lives Matter and the social movement taking place right now in The United States.


 2020-06-29  1h12m

episode 182: 182 - The A/B Effect (rebroadcast)

So, you might think that, in general, as an idea, as a practice, the A/B test would be beloved, supported, and encouraged as a way to test out policies and practices and drugs and treatments, but new research shows that a significant portion of the public does not feel this way, enough to cause doctors and lawmakers and educators to avoid A/B testing altogether. -- Show Notes at: -- -- Become a patron at: www.patreon...


 2020-06-15  1h27m