Conversations with People Who Hate Me

Dylan Marron explores what happens when online feuders step out from behind the keyboard and get to know the human on the other side of the screen.

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It’s 1999, and sixteen years after its original release, a new Star Wars is finally coming. Fans have been camping out in front of theaters across the country just to be the first to see it. The beloved intergalactic saga is set to debut a slew of brand new characters, one of whom is a revolutionary CGI creation named Jar Jar Binks. Whispers begin to spread about big changes coming to the galaxy far, far away – and not everyone’s happy about it...


 June 28, 2023  33m

NEW PODCAST: Introducing The Redemption of Jar Jar Binks

The Redemption of Jar Jar Binks is a six-part journey through the early internet to understand how one of the first-ever online hate campaigns began, and to right what we got so wrong about Jar Jar the first time around.


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episode 46: Conversion Part 3

A conversion therapy survivor speaks to the man who ran the conversion therapy clinic he escaped from.


 April 27, 2022  1h7m

episode 45: Conversion Part 2

A man recounts how he came to run a well-known conversion therapy clinic.


 April 20, 2022  38m

episode 44: Conversion Part 1

A survivor of conversion therapy recounts his experience.


 April 13, 2022  46m

How to Be a Better Human

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 April 6, 2022  33m

episode 43: Throw Your Book In The Fire

Dylan speaks to a friend who has been openly critical of this project since it began.


 March 30, 2022  1h5m

episode 42: Vaccines

A listener who is scared of the COVID vaccine speaks to Dylan's doctor.


 March 23, 2022  1h8m

episode 41: Balloon Guy

Dylan tries (and fails) to produce a conversation for a popular artist who is derisively known to some as "balloon guy."


 March 16, 2022  49m

episode 40: What a Disgrace

Two colleagues speak for the first time since their falling-out in a text message.


 March 9, 2022  56m