Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.

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episode 4: The Pattern Problem

Are we destined to repeat our patterns or do we generally stray in surprising directions? CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains descriptions of sexual abuse.


 2018-03-30  57m

episode 3: What Was Not Said

We examine how leaving things unsaid with our intimates can lead to misunderstandings and missed connections.


 2018-03-22  48m

episode 2: The Other Real World

Can a reality show - and telling a certain kind of story - call a different kind of reality into being?


 2018-03-16  50m

episode 1: I, I, I. Him

What happens when you lose something so central to your life that you no longer understand who you are? How do you find yourself again?


 2018-03-09  40m

Season 4 Trailer

We're living in a black and white world, where the stories we tell ourselves lock us into one side or the other. These stories define us – imprison or liberate us. In their fourth season, co-hosts Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel map the grey areas.


 2018-02-23  2m

BONUS: Catch-Up with Max Hawkins

What happens when you have to choose between having an open mind, or a moral backbone? Listen to the original episode here:


 2017-12-22  12m

BONUS: Catch-Up with Bill Millar

In a special podcast bonus, co-host Hanna Rosin checks in with Bill Millar, who we met in Season 2's "Flip the Script." They talk about dating, cats, and how love can look different for everyone. Listen to the original episode here:


 2017-09-12  10m

episode 1: Emotions

It feels like emotions just come at us, and there is nothing we can do. But we might have it backwards. We look at an unusual legal case and examine a provocative new theory about emotions.


 2017-06-23  55m

episode 2: High Voltage (Emotions Part 2)

An anthropologist discovers an emotion, and after a tragic event, comes to understand it. And a young woman does the one thing guaranteed to ruin a date, and learns something about her emotional life.


 2017-06-22  37m

episode 3: Reality

What happens when we can't agree on reality? In Eagle's Nest Township, Minnesota, residents have been grappling with that question since long before the polarizing presidential election of 2016.


 2017-06-16  44m