History of Germany Podcast

A podcast on the history of Germans.




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      We'll be Back...

      Around November 2017 the last show of "Americana für Euch" will air, and I will return my focus to the History of Germany Podcast. Other projects and news (live shows coming to the Bay Area in 2018!) on http://podcastnik.com



      Introducing Tides of History

      History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme, said Mark Twain. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the rise of the modern world: history ebbs and flows over the centuries, driven by great tides of economic, social, political, religious, and cultural change that shape the world and everyone who lives on it. In this new series from Wondery, PhD historian Patrick Wyman (Fall of Rome) brings the cutting edge of that history to listeners in plain, relatable English. Premieres July 20th.



      044: Investiture Controversy with the History of the Papacy

      Power struggles between Holy Roman Emperors and Popes. Gregorian Reforms, schisms and who can appoint bishops. Many ideas we have of the Middle Ages com from these events in the 12. century. Luckily I got Steven Guerra from the History of the Papacy here to help break it all down. Visit http://atozhistorypage.com for more on the background of the church at this time.



      043: Salians I: Height of Power: Konrad II and Henry III

      To get the Salian dynasty started and some background for episodes on the High Middle Ages, we look at the Konrad II and his son Henry III of the Salian Frankish dynasty.



      042: The Classic 13 Course Meal

      Originally a segment of the History Podcasters Network Collage on food. This one is from my hotel trade school days in Munich. Enjoy, a bon appetit! http://historypodcasters.com/2016/07/07/046-history-on-a-plate-a-collage-on-food/



      041: The Danevirke with Søren Krarup

      Søren Krarup from the History of Denmark podcast stops by to clear up the Danevirke: this huge Danish defensive fortification that is now in Germany. I've mentioned it several times in passing with Harald Bluetooth and Otto II, so better just have a whole episode around it. https://thehistoryofdenmark.wordpress.com/



      040: Wends, Sorbs, and Other Slavs

      An overview of the slavic peoples living within the German borders and their history.



      039: Saxons V: Saint Henry and his Holy Empire

      The end of the Saxon miniseries and the Liudolfinger. What the Saxons were up to and life in the monasteries.



      038: Saxons IV: Return of the Ottos (Otto II and Otto III)

      We continue our journey with the Liudolfinger dynasty with a few more Ottos, the very beginning of Austria, a Byzantine Empress, and a near escape!



      037: Saxons III: Otto the Great and the Holy Roman Empire

      The son of Henry the Fowler takes a big step towards the Holy Roman Empire. Otto also still has to deal with Hungarians. And decides he really likes Italy.