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      240: Undefined Wait Period

      Stephen Hackett's St. Jude's Fundraiser Follow up: iPhone X screen size John Siracusa, Dongletown, USA Bigger OWC dock John's forthcoming OWC dock Elgato dock Window management Apple Watch LTE pricing: Data is substitutive, not additive (via Oliver Thomas) More on Apple TV 4K Whether it has a fan or supports 24 Hz output 32 vs. 64 GB Craig Federighi's Face ID apology tour The Talk Show #200 Confirmation of John's prediction about face swipe timing Running Mac betas No APFS for...



      239: Set This Money on Fire

      Apple Special Event, September 2017 Dan Frommer's photo essay Today at Apple Apple Watch intro video Featuring Kyles the Gray! Louis CK: Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy Overcast and Apple Watch offline playback Watch Dots Qi charging standard ATP #172: iPhone X Five Years of OS X iPhone X in the HIG Disappearing scroll thumb Jokey notch scrolling Rolodex Light L16 camera Back to Work #341: Rich Boy Phone iPhone Folio Case Inside Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show:...



      238: Begging for the Hub

      Follow-Up: Isn't iCloud close to full-machine backup? Do you really need to spend $1000 on a camera? Printing photos Photo resolution #askatp iPhone-buying strategies Casey's lessons learned Is 4K worth it? Steve Yedlin on 4K Viewing distance calculator Why & how we use Plex Casey's Plex Primer Don Melton's scripts ffmpeg John's 2017 MacBook Pro impressions Apple LED Cinema Display Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Logitech Optical USB Mouse ATP #96: The Windows of...



      237: You Are Not a Datacenter

      Follow-Up: Marco's tukhus, sit bones, and cushioned saddles Backing up /Applications Casey's new-Mac strategy CrashPlan native client may not be for small business CrashPlan migrations over 5 TB Arq and macOS metadata Michael Tsai: What Backblaze Doesn't Back Up Backblaze's 30 day retention Peer-to-peer NAS backups Synology C2 backup Dan Moren: iCloud Backup for Mac? Casey's MacBook keyboard woes Apple KnowledgeBase article (👋🏻, @ismh) #askatp Photo storage between gener...



      236: Irresponsible Use of Infinite Terabytes

      Pre-show: Baby Clocks Casey has news iZotope RX Follow-Up: iTunes U → Apple Podcasts Joel on Software: Things You Should Never Do, Part 1 Panic Omni BBEdit Marco's hindquarters #askatp OLED vs. LCD Mall of Marco Gazelle Mac Me an Offer Have we had RSI issues? Microsoft Natural Keyboard Casey's Bad News Google Photos Uploader The new M5 CrashPlan sunsets consumer backups Official announcement Backblaze on NAS business model Backblaze B2 Pricing Casey justifies using a N...



      235: Notch-Savvy

      Pre-show: Always on vacation in... New York? Follow-Up: Mighty, the Spotify "iPod Shuffle" Audio bit depth 24/192 Music Downloads... and why they make no sense Monty's explainer video "iPhone Pro" notch What happens in landscape? Why bother with a notch? Android notch 1Password backpedals a bit A a a a a Very Good Song #askatp How do you sync your home directories? Old tech that's still in use? 🙄 Destiny 🙄 Google's diversity "memo" Yonatan Zunger, ex-Googler Suzanne Sadedin, P...



      234: Everybody Has Asterisks

      Toasters Toaster reviews Do By Friday Cameras O-MD E-M10 Zoom lens Sony α7R II Sony α6300 Ad Blockers 1Blocker Better A/V FLAC Pono Tidal Brace styles Dolphin emulator behind the scenes Ending theme by Jonathan Mann

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      Betterment: Investing made better. Warby Parker: Boutique-quality, vintage-inspired glasses at a revolutionary price. Try up to five pairs at home for free. Squarespace: Make your next move with a beautiful website. Use code ATP for 10% off y...



      233: Nobody Cares But Me, But I Do Care

      Follow-Up: TSMC 10nm vs. Intel 10nm Naming of process nodes Intel's claimed three-year advantage Intel set to lose process leadership after 2018? Home audio & subwoofers HiFiMan HE-6 Christmas Island crabs Neutral Coast? Isla Pronunciation video Woom Derailleur gears Priority Coast Huffy and Wal-Mart A Christmas Story quote corrected by @ATPReferences The HomePod firmware leak Steve Troughton-Smith His Patreon Guilherme Rambo Allen Pike's take Max Rudberg's...



      232: You've Exceeded Some Limit

      Send us questions! Tweet with the hashtag #askatp! The A10X is 10nm as per AnandTech Source & Drain Larrabee Netflix credits skipping John's original complaint Community management Disney may have wanted to buy Twitter... a long time ago Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Odd Overcast crash Post-show: Mongoose Californian Alternative image Storming Mortal #15: Apple Kool-Aid and the Mongoose (dated 18 June 2014) John realizes his full potential Pee Wee's bike Huffy White...



      231: I Am Not a Salad Power User

      Follow-up: Calibrating a TV Rtings TV Settings Chopt or SaladWorks Smart Signage Samsung Frame TV THX Tune-Up app Lightning Digital AV Adapter Panic's surprise Sony / 7669 Marco's discontinued small speaker amp: NuForce Dia. Some alternatives Marco has considered (but not tested!): Grace Digital GDI-BTAR513, $110 SMSL Q5, $140 NuForce DDA-120, $300 Teac AI-301DA, $350 NAD D 3020, $400 Type-C Personality OLED image retention Marco's image retention test Apple's silence on Net...